Create a Market Plan for introducing a new product or brand

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Consulting by Mind Map: Consulting

1. Direct-to-Consumer Solutions

1.1. uncover added revenue streams

1.2. increase your margins

1.3. monetize existing brand devotion

1.4. grow your competitive advantage

1.5. leverage your brand

1.6. enhance your company image

1.7. increase awareness for your brand

1.8. provide important company and product information to your customers

1.9. boost your branding and your bottom line

1.10. navigate all strategic and technological hurdles

2. Global Ecommerce Solution

2.1. thoroughly understand the needs, tastes, rules and regulations of their different target markets worldwide

2.2. offer localized websites and customer service solutions

2.3. manage the logistics behind international shipping and fulfillment

2.4. mitigate the risks of credit card fraud

2.5. technological capabilities to integrate your with courier services

2.6. developing packing slips

2.7. developing parcel tracking solutions

2.8. Integrating with Third Party Providers

3. Ecommerce Strategic Direction

3.1. focus on your online venture

3.2. monitor and promote your site’s progress without overly draining your resources and your budget

3.3. act as your Director of Ecommerce

3.4. dedicated manager in all website monitoring, evaluating and optimizing tasks.

3.5. making sure your online venture delivers and consistently grows revenues

3.6. supporting your overall business strategies and branding objectives.

3.7. incentivising with job goals in proportion to Casket King's online success,

3.8. supervise additional internet marketing activities,

3.9. Regular reporting

3.9.1. performance

3.9.2. Industry trends

4. Analysis & Strategy

4.1. Research & Strategy

4.1.1. Casket King Vision, Mission, Business Proposition, Branding

4.1.2. Understanding Casket King Target Audience, Product Exposure, Brand/Price Orientation

4.1.3. Casket King Competitive Analysis, Direct/Indirect Competitors, Establish online success of competitors, Investigate opportunities, scope indirect potential to penetrate innovation strategies/ leverage opportunities

4.1.4. SEO Keyword Research, Keyword relevancy, Keyword Popularity, Commercial Aspects

4.1.5. Managing Casket King's objectives and also expectations, timeline to launch development, bugets to support direct development and/or maintanance

4.2. Planning

4.2.1. Define Casket King audience - Primary/Secondary/Tertiary potential target market

4.2.2. User/Functional Requirements

4.2.3. Search & COntent Requirements

4.2.4. Technical Requirements

4.2.5. SEO Requirements

4.2.6. Landing Pages/User Experience

4.3. Information Architecture

4.3.1. Navigation Tree/Site Map

4.3.2. Prepare Detailed Taxonomy of all elements

4.3.3. Cluster Casket King Similar products into groups

4.3.4. Prioritise products

4.3.5. Add navigational aids

4.4. Design

4.5. Construction

4.6. Migration & Launch