12.1 Agendas

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12.1 Agendas by Mind Map: 12.1 Agendas

1. Vocabulary

1.1. Meetings

1.2. Agenda

1.3. Apologies

1.4. Attend

1.5. Called

1.6. Chair

1.7. Circulated

1.8. Hold

1.9. Item

1.10. Minutes

1.11. Take

2. Time Clauses

2.1. I´ll call you whwn I get to the station.

2.2. I´ll phone you as soon as I arrive.

2.3. We won´t start before you arrive.

2.4. We´ll wait untill everyone is here.

3. Attending Meetings

3.1. John Gates can´t make it. He sends his apologies.

3.2. John´s asked me to chair the meeting, so I´m in the hot seat.

3.3. Ok, first, has everyone got an agenda? John told me copies were circulated on Monday.

3.4. I got the agenda, but I didn´t get a copy of the minutes from the meeting last week.

3.5. You all met last week to talk about the conference. I didn´t attend. I wasn´t here last week.

3.6. No, we didn´t hold a meeting. We didn´take minutes or anything.

3.7. So, we´ve called this meeting to talk about the sales conference.

3.8. So, let´s look at the first item on the agenda.

4. Agenda

4.1. Meeting Agenda

4.2. Date

4.3. Time

4.4. Partipants

4.5. Chairperson

4.6. Item