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Motherboad by Mind Map: Motherboad


1.1. Software that is neccesary for booting up windows

1.2. Located on motherboard


2.1. Semi conductor located on mother board with battery

2.2. Saves important data for booting BIOS

3. Sockets

3.1. Mechanical component

3.2. Connects CPU with motherboard

3.3. Every CPU has his own type of socket

4. Voltage regulator

4.1. Circuit that regulates power for CPU

4.2. Generates heat

4.3. Provides correct voltage during booting

5. Voltage regulator module (VRM)

5.1. Module installed on motherboard

5.2. Replaceable

6. System bus

6.1. Connects the CPU to main memory

6.2. Also called Frontside bus