To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird by Mind Map: To Kill A Mockingbird

1. Characters

1.1. Scout Finch- young tomboy girl protagonist

1.1.1. Atticus Finch- father of Scout and Jem; widow; well known lawyer

1.1.2. Jem Finch- older brother of Scout; son of Atticus

1.2. Dill- friend of Scout and Jem

1.3. Calpurnia- cook for the Finch family

1.4. Boo Radley- neighborhood antagonist but is a very good man who is misunderstood by all

1.5. Bob Ewell- father of Mayella; racist; accuses Rombinson of abuse of his daughter

1.5.1. Mayella Ewell- daughter of Bob Ewell; victim of abuse

1.6. Tom Robinson- young, black worker; accused of abusing mayella

1.7. Miss Maudie- neighbor of the Finch family

2. Setting

2.1. United States of America

2.1.1. Early 1930's Years of the Great Depression Times of poverty and unemployment

2.1.2. Alabama Maycomb County Finch Family Home Courthouse

3. Depth and Complexity Icons

3.1. Details

3.1.1. Scout Finch was really named Jean Louise Finch

3.1.2. Boo Radley had a brother named Nathan Radley who injured Jem.

3.1.3. The kids watched the trial from the colored section even though they were "white."

3.1.4. Tom Robinson was innocent and when he tried to escape, He was shot.

3.1.5. Boo Radley was the one who left the kids presents in the tree hole.

3.2. Unanswered Questions

3.2.1. Was Jem okay at the end of the story after he is injured by Bob Ewell?

3.2.2. Why did the police support Boo Radley and not arrest him when he killed Bob Ewell?

3.2.3. What is Mayella gonna do after the death of her father?

3.3. Change Over Time

3.3.1. Scout Finch had really changed overtime. She had realized that it was wrong to judge people before them. She also found out that there is good in everyone. Scout also became more girlish than usual. She changed so much from the beginning of the book

3.3.2. Boo Radley has also changed from the beginning of the book. He has come out of his house and he saved the kids many times. He has gotten over some of his sadness.

3.4. Multiple Perspectives

3.4.1. The entire town of Maycomb differentiated between Black and White skin color.

3.4.2. Atticus Finch thought that everyone deserves a fair trial so he defended Tom Robinson.

3.4.3. Scout changed her perspective about Boo Radley. She found out that Boo was a nice man who just did not come out enough. She learned to not make early judgments

4. Plot

4.1. The story begins with Scout Finch who lives with her father, Atticus, and her brother, Jem. They live in the town of Maycomb in Alabama in the early 1930's. Scout was raised by her widowed father with the help of their housekeeper, Calpurnia. Scout's father is a lawyer. Scout and Jem knew the structure of their neighborhood and they stuck to it. They knew all of their neighbors but neighbor Arthur Radley spooked them. Arthur aka Boo Radley, never came out of his house. The kids along with a friend named Dill decided to investigate. That's when the adventure begins. The kids went onto to the Radley lawn every night only to find presents. One night they went only to get shot at by Nathan Radley but Nathan missed the kids. Nathan then closed the knothole. That was the end of the kids going to the Radley place but the kids were convinced that old man Boo Radley was a great man. One problem was finished but another started. Advocate Atticus Finch decided to defend Tom Robinson, a black man accused of rape against Mayella Ewell, a white woman. This decision made life hard for the Finch children. People abused them for taking a black man's side. Bob Ewell did not like this either. He tried to get Robinson prosecuted. Atticus did his best but it was not enough. According to Atticus, Mayella threw herself at Tom and Bob saw this. Bob then beat Mayella and left marks on her face and arms. He blamed it all on Tom and Mayella played along. Even though Atticus tried, Tom was sent to jail and when he tried to escape, he was killed. Bob Ewell did not like Atticus and his family so he wanted revenge. He knew the kids went around to Boo Radley's lawn so he waited there for them with a knife. The kids were passing by and he wanted to strike and he did wound Jem but Boo Radley intervened. He saved the kids and stabbed Ewell to his death. He took Jem home where the sheriff was waiting for him. Sheriff made it look like the Ewell tripped on a tree root and fell into his own knife. Boo Radley then disappeared into the Radley place.