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BASRS by Mind Map: BASRS

1. Routing

1.1. Function of a router

1.1.1. Determine best path to a network

1.1.2. Forward packet towards destination

1.2. Static

1.2.1. Use Cases Small Networks Stub Networks Default Route Backup (floating) Route Summary Route

1.2.2. Summarization

1.2.3. Advantages

1.2.4. Disadvantages

1.2.5. Configuration

1.3. Dynamic

1.3.1. Configuration

1.3.2. Disadvantages

1.3.3. Advantages

1.3.4. Types Interior Gateway Protocols Distance vector Link State Exterior Gateway Protocols Path vector

1.3.5. Components Routing Protocol Messages Data Structure Algorithm

1.3.6. Comparisons and Characteristics

1.3.7. Passive Interfaces