The concept of strategy

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The concept of strategy by Mind Map: The concept of strategy

1. successful strategies

1.1. Profound understanding of the competitive environment

1.2. Objective appraisal of resources

1.3. L effective implementation

2. achieve certain goals, survive and prosper.

3. The purpose:

4. Two basic levels of strategy within an enterprise

4.1. corporate strategy

4.1.1. Defines the scope of the firm in terms of the industries and markets in which it competes

4.2. business strategy

4.2.1. How the firm competes within a particular industry or market.

5. Firm’s strategy

6. “Where are we competing?” “How are we competing?”

7. Strategic Fit...What for?

7.1. It should contain its goals and values, resources and capabilities, structure and systems

8. Roles of strategy

8.1. -Decision Support: Makes the decision process easier.

8.2. -Coordating Device: Promote coordination among the company members.

8.3. -Target: To establish a direction in order to develop in the future.

9. 3 Strategy location:

9.1. -Heads of the chief executive and senior managers

9.2. -Articulated in speeches and written documents

9.3. -Through the decisions made

10. Framework

10.1. THE FIRM: 1) Goals and values 2)Resources and capitabilities 3) Structure and systems

10.2. THE INDUSTRY ENVIRONMENT: 1) Competidors 2) Customers 3)Suppliers

11. Strategy fit ..What for?

11.1. Should contain goals, values, capitabilities, structire and system