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1. You can set up “channels” of conversation around common interests or projects

1.1. It’s a tool that brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.

1.1.1. Can you link your emails tweets etc. to the tool and if so, do you have to indicate key words? J. Whetzel

1.2. I'm assuming that you mean that you can set up groups? Could it be used to establish study groups, book club groups, research groups, etc??? -Dr. Fritz

1.2.1. Exactly Dr. Fritz!Z.VELYKIS

1.3. I love the idea of being able to set up channels. It is great because they are already use to doing this on other apps. C. Spina

1.4. This is a great tool for collaborating on projects. Having the ability to instant message and transfer files would make large group projects easier. Saving and archiving conversation is advantageous as you can revert to what was said for clarification or review. J. Bechaver

2. It’s highly searchable – you can find old messages easily just like in email.


3. You can swap files, images, documents within Slack and it integrates with many other tools like Asana, Dropbox and Google Docs (even SoundCloud).

3.1. All that plus the power of instant messaging and … yes… Emojis!

4. This looks interesting, but potentially limited for use with younger students, but for online chatting with colleagues it might be very helpful. - L. Beeson

4.1. I actually disagree with Lara a little bit. I think that most students are introeduced to technology at a very young age. I see four and five year olds playing games on ipads all the time! I'm not suggesting this app for four and five year olds, but I think a lot of the technology we've been looking at in this class has applications at early ages that most of use expect, including me! I think that the earlier we can get students using technology is this way, rather than just for games and talking with friends, the better off they'll be. -E. Braun

4.1.1. Great point!-Dr. Fritz