The Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book by Mind Map: The Jungle Book

1. Setting: Jungle

1.1. Emergent Layer

1.1.1. Birds

1.2. Canopy Layer

1.2.1. Snakes

1.3. Understory Layer

1.3.1. Jaguars

1.4. Forest Floor

1.4.1. Bears

1.4.2. Wolves

1.4.3. Man

2. Characters

2.1. Mowglie

2.1.1. Seperated from family by Shere Khan. Taken in by the Seeonee Wolf pack

2.2. Shere Khan

2.2.1. Doesn't follow the law of the jungle

2.3. Baloo

2.3.1. Bear, teacher of the Law of the Jungle

2.4. Bagheera

2.4.1. Panther, predicts Mowglie to help the wolves and take down Shere Khan

2.5. Akela

2.5.1. Leader of the Seeonee Wolf Pack

2.6. Father Wolf

2.6.1. Saves Mowlgie

3. Events

3.1. Shere Khan is not following the Law of the Jungle and hunting out of his territory. Mowglie escapes Shere Khan and Father Wolf and Mother Wolf take him in as there own cub.

3.2. Father and Mother wolf present Mowglie as part of the pack to Akela the Lone wolf, and leader of the Sheeonee wolf pack. Baloo and Bagheera volunteer to teach Mowlie the Laws of the Jungle