Testree is the independent software testing services division of Nous Infosystems

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Testree by Mind Map: Testree

1. Services

1.1. "Functional Testing Services" As an independent software testing and validation company, Testree offers a comprehensive functional testing services to make sure the product is of good quality and ensure that meets customer's expectation... For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/services/functional-testing

1.1.1. "Manual Functional Testing" Testree as an independent verification and validation division of Nous Infosystems, offers software manual testing services across industry verticals such as Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Retail domains... Testree’s expertise in Manual Functional Testing ensures that the applications are thoroughly tested before its release to the end customer... For more details, visit - http://www.testree.com/services/functional-testing/manual-testing

1.1.2. "Test Automation Services" Testree as an independent verification and validation division of Nous Infosystems, offers test automation services to boost businesses productivity while reducing conversion efforts and risks... Testree's framework helps achieve a comprehensive product testing with significant reduction in test cycle time... Also, Testree has a strong expertise in using the industry standards and open source test tools... For more details to know about Testree's software test automation services, visit http://www.testree.com/services/functional-testing/test-automation

1.1.3. "Mobility Testing Services" Testree offers mobile testing services by using innovative testing methodologies and best practices to ensure quality of mobile applications... Testree offers mobile usability testing, mobile apps performance testing, mobile cloud testing of apps, etc. For more details about Testree's mobile applications testing services for your app to get tested in a much faster, deeper and wider manner, visit http://www.testree.com/services/functional-testing/mobility-testing

1.2. "Non Functional Testing in Software Testing" Testree as an independent verification and validation division of Nous Infosystems, offers non functional testing in software testing... Testree has the right experience and knowledge to perform non functional testing of software applications covering a wide spectrum of domains... Testree's non functional testing services includes "Performance Testing", "Security Testing", "Usability Testing", "Compatibility Testing", "Localization Testing" and "SOA Testing". For more details, visit - http://www.testree.com/services/non-functional-testing

1.2.1. "Performance Testing Services" Testree is an independent verification and validation division of Nous Infosystems, offers software testing and quality assurance services to help industries around the world in conducting tests in shorter period and achieves quick time-to-market... Testree specializes in offering performance testing services which focuses on addressing various performance issues of an application... Testree's competencies includes web performance testing, agile performance testing, cloud performance testing, mobile performance testing, SOAP performance testing, etc. For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/services/non-functional-testing/performance-testing

1.2.2. "Localization Testing Services" Testree offers localization testing services to help businesses to spread their operations across the world… Testree’s software localization testing services go hand in hand throughout the software development lifecycle of applications to ensure the complete translation into local languages… The key offerings of Testree’s localization testing service includes 1. Translation Testing – “Linguistic Testing” and “UI Testing”, 2. Bug Triaging and 3. Bug Fixing… For more details about, visit - http://www.testree.com/services/non-functional-testing/localization-testing

1.2.3. "SOA Testing Services" Testree’s SOA testing services helps the enterprise in reducing risks and optimizing costs while improving the agility of the SOA implementations… Service Oriented Architecture testing services from Testree maximises the ROI on the investments aiding continuous component, regression and integration testing.., enables interoperability and faster time-to-market… For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/services/non-functional-testing/soa-testing

1.2.4. "Security Testing Services" Testree offers security testing services in assisting businesses by proper security measures against threats… Testree’s security testing services includes- • IT Security Consulting & Audit • Security Policy Development • Risk Assessment • Controls Identification • Compliance Management and more Also, Testree executes penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities in different attributes of the system. Testree’s penetration testing services includes- • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) • Application Security Assessment (OWASP and OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual)) • Information Security Risk Assessment For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/services/non-functional-testing/security-testing

1.2.5. "Usability Testing Services" Testree, an independent verification & validation (IV&V) division of Nous Infosystems, offers User Experience & User Interface testing services to measure the user’s ease of handling and experiencing the software product... Testree's usability testing services saves our client's heavy maintenance costs, loss of time and money during development stages... For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/services/non-functional-testing/usability-testing

1.2.6. "Application Compatibility Testing" Testree as an independent verification and validation division of Nous Infosystems has a proven track record of offering application compatibility testing services to an array of platforms, browsers, devices, web servers, databases, peripherals like printers, USBs, DVD drives etc and third party applications... For more details, visit - http://www.testree.com/services/non-functional-testing/compatibility-testing

1.3. "Software Test Consulting" Testree as an independent verification and validation (IV&V) division of Nous, offers software QA consulting and advisory services... Testree's software test consulting service focus on TCoE Consulting, Test Environment Planning, Process Consulting, Test Data Strategy, Automation Feasibility Analysis, Test Coverage Audit (TCA), Performance Feasibility, Test Automation Strategy Consulting, etc. For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/services/cas-testing

1.3.1. "Software Testing Center of Excellence" Testree's test center of excellence (TCoE) aims at helping businesses achieve their goals of enhanced quality, improved efficiency and superior performance of applications... Testree also provides software testing center of excellence consultation services... For more details about Testree's TCoE consultation approach, visit http://www.testree.com/services/cas-testing/tcoe-testing

1.3.2. "Test Environment Planning" Testree, an independent verification and validation (IV&V) division of Nous Infosystems, offers test consultation services for efficient organizational test environment management... Testree's consultations for test environment planning manages the hardware, software, middleware applications, databases, test data, tools, resources and procedures efficiently... For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/services/cas-testing/test-environment-planning

1.3.3. "Software Test Process Consulting" Testree as an independent test service provider offers software test process consulting services to assist its customers in setting-up the required testing processes and procedures… For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/services/cas-testing/process-consulting

1.3.4. "Test Data Strategy" Testree’s test data management strategy based on application requirements and test data applications helps organizations in bringing down data inefficiencies, extraction of greater value from expensive data, consistent and controlled manner… Testree’s test data strategy enables enhancement of the quality of test cases… For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/services/cas-testing/test-data-strategy

1.3.5. "Test Automation Feasibility Analysis" Protect your enterprise from unnecessary wasted effort, investment of time, money and resources by deriving maximum value from Testree's test automation feasibility analysis... For more details, visit - http://www.testree.com/services/cas-testing/automation-feasibility-analysis

1.3.6. "Test Coverage Analysis" Testree helps enterprise in estimating and determining the test coverage analysis which is useful in analysing the severity, age, pattern & effect and impact of the defects... Testree's consulting audit helps in executing a comprehensive audit... For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/services/cas-testing/tc-audit

1.3.7. "Software Testing Plan" Testree's test plan in software testing is performed for finding defects and for reliability estimation... Software testing plan is key in software testing is to be able to perceive modes of failure which would entail testing the software thoroughly for code on all possible inputs... For more details, visit - http://www.testree.com/services/cas-testing/performance-feasibility

1.4. Test Migration Services

1.4.1. "SmartBear Migration Services" Testree, an independent verification and validation division of Nous is a certified SmartBear Software strategic partner, now offers SmartBear testing services for the customers... Also, Testree offers SmartBear migration services such as "Utility Based Migration to QAComplete", "Utility Based Script Conversion to SmartBear TestComplete" (TC) standard... For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/services/migration-services/smartbear-migration

1.4.2. "NeoLoad Testing Tool" Testree offers a hassle free Neotys migration, with the NeoLoad migration service offering utility... For more details about NeoLoad performance testing tool, visit - http://www.testree.com/services/migration-services/neotys-migration

2. "Industries" Testree as an independent software testing division of Nous, offers software domain testing services across several industry verticals such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare and Life sciences, Retail and Allied Services and Product Testing... For more details, visit - http://www.testree.com/industries

2.1. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

2.1.1. Testree's banking application testing services has successfully testing multiple customer segments including core banking services, allied, financial agencies and independent software vendors (ISVs)... Testree helps BFS enterprises and software product vendors with testing different banking applications of retail banking, corporate banking, trade finance, internet banking, cards and payments etc... For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/industries/bfsi/banking-financial-services

2.1.2. "Financial Services Testing" Testree have experience in testing various financial services applications like asset based lending, broking, risk management, treasury management and have tested implementations and projects for several financial institutions... For more details about Testree's financial services testing, visit http://www.testree.com/industries/bfsi/financial-services

2.1.3. "Insurance Domain Testing" Testree's deep experience in insurance domain testing has uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive technology and quality services that are demanded by this sector... Discover Testree's focus areas in insurance domain testing http://www.testree.com/industries/bfsi/insurance

2.2. Healthcare and Life Sciences

2.2.1. "Healthcare Application Testing" Testree has ample knowledge and experience in offering healthcare testing services with a good understanding of the domain-specific regulations in the healthcare industry... Testree's healthcare application testing services encompass all types of healthcare provider solutions including Health Information Managements Systems (HIMS), Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), Clinical IVRS Systems, etc. For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/industries/healthcare-life-sciences/healthcare

2.2.2. "21 CFR Part 11 Software Validation" Testree offers premium testing and consultation services that help Life Sciences companies adapt to the changes in the Life Sciences landscape... Testree is well-versed in providing 21 CFR part 11 compliance and 21 CFR part 11 software validation services for small and medium sized companies developing software for Pharmaceuticals... For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/industries/healthcare-life-sciences/life-sciences

2.3. Retail & Allied Services

2.3.1. "Retail Software Testing" Testree has strong domain exposure and experience in providing retail application testing services for its optimal performances... Testree has industry knowledge and technology competencies to deliver premium service in retail application testing... Testree's retail testing service suite covers testing of all branches of retail operations... For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/industries/retail-allied-services/retail

2.3.2. "Domain Testing" Testree has in-depth experience in domain testing services... Testree's domain testing in software testing for allied services sector includes affiliate marketing, digital media, loyalty programs, social networking, etc. For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/industries/retail-allied-services/allied-testing

2.4. Independent Software Vendors

2.4.1. "Product Testing Services" Testree offers a wide spectrum of product testing services to both independent service providers and businesses ensuring product quality... Testree's comprehensive quality assurance service ensures the quality of product testing multiple attributes that may affect the quality of product... For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/industries/independent-software-vendors/product-testing

2.4.2. "Product Development Testing" Testree offers the variety of software product testing services to deliver great business advantage to the clients... Testree offers flexible engagement models for product development testing which are best suited to the client... For more details, visit http://www.testree.com/industries/independent-software-vendors/end-to-end-testing

3. About Testree

4. Portfolio

4.1. "Testing Center of Excellence" Testree's testing center of excellence (CoE) helps businesses in expanding their quality assurance team to an autonomous testing center to successfully achieve quality goals of the entire organization... For more details about Testree's test center of excellence, visit - http://www.testree.com/portfolio/center-of-excellence

4.2. "SmartBear Center of Excellence" Testree offers SmartBear center of excellence to ensure the quality and performance of APIs, mobile, cloud-based and web applications using SmartBear testing tools... Nous as a global expert services & solutions partner of SmartBear Software, offers utility based migration services in less time... For more details, visit - http://www.testree.com/portfolio/center-of-excellence/smartbear-coe

4.3. "Managed Testing Services Model" Testree's managed testing services model is most suited to handle the complexities, maturity, technology, process challenges and other elements that are drivers of an effective project delivery cycle... For more details about advantages of going with managed test services from Testree, visit - http://www.testree.com/portfolio/engagement-models