Algorithms and project approach

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Algorithms and project approach by Mind Map: Algorithms and project approach

1. Programs

1.1. Is the translation of an algoritms into a programming language that can be understood and processed by a computer

2. Flowcharts

2.1. Forms

2.1.1. Start/end

2.1.2. Desicion

2.1.3. Process

2.1.4. Information input/output

3. Algorithms

3.1. Is a series o f instructions or ordered steps for performing an activity or resolving a problem.

3.2. The chart used to represent algoritms, is called flowchart or flow diagram

3.3. Can be used in programming languages for efficient coding.

3.4. Types

3.4.1. Sequential algorithms Whose instructions are executed one after the other in the same order as they appear

3.4.2. Selective algorithms With a series of instructions that are executed depending on whether or not condition is met

3.4.3. Iterative algorithms Have a set of instructions that are repeated several times These instructions are contained in loops that mark the begining and end of the repetition

4. Project approach

4.1. Is a metod of dealing with and resolving the practical problems affecting any society.

4.2. It consists of ten stagesand we can study it as an algorithm.

4.3. Phases

4.3.1. Detect the problem or need

4.3.2. Information and research

4.3.3. Search for possible solutions

4.3.4. Choose the solution

4.3.5. Desing

4.3.6. Prepare and plan the work

4.3.7. Build the product

4.3.8. Check the results

4.3.9. Presentation and assessment

4.3.10. Write the project report