JISC CETIS 2010 Keynote 1 DIY U: The Transformation of Higher Education Anya Kamenetz

Anya Kamanetz author of DIY University: Edupunks, Edupreneurs and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education

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JISC CETIS 2010 Keynote 1 DIY U: The Transformation of Higher Education Anya Kamenetz by Mind Map: JISC CETIS 2010 Keynote 1 DIY U: The Transformation of Higher Education Anya Kamenetz

1. The Cathedral of Rationality

1.1. Start

1.1.1. Advance the 'Idea of Modernity'

1.1.2. Medieval Idea .. hardly changed

1.2. Expansion

1.2.1. US 1960s The Masterplan entry to middle class share wealth based on merit public funding

1.2.2. UK Rapid Widening Participation ouch!! - feeling the pain

1.3. Demise?

1.3.1. An Idea Out of Capacity?

1.3.2. Tuition Fees Rising Sharply mass participation shift cost from subsidy to student student loans assumption: impossible to increase quality and cut costs at the same time

1.3.3. Behind Digital Children education not adopting technology fast enough teach themselves attention deficit ... disordered?

2. The Future is Open

2.1. Content

2.1.1. shareable

2.1.2. attractive/acessible e.g. TED

2.1.3. updated constantly

2.1.4. adaptive/measurable

2.1.5. free/affordable e.g. open textbooks

2.1.6. we all love it "like kittens"

2.2. Socialization

2.2.1. personal learning networks

2.2.2. knowledge networks: make complexity simpler

2.2.3. help each other learn e.g you tube

2.2.4. formalise peer learning e.g. P2PU e.g. open study

2.3. Accreditation

2.3.1. portability

2.3.2. affordability: what is the value of accreditation?

2.3.3. professional networks peer review rather than certification? is after all important to researchers what about professional certification? examples in design, web development, software engineering do they apply to other disciplines? github like research data not publications idea

2.3.4. is accreditation the same as authority?

3. The New Way

3.1. multiple learning routes

3.2. goals

3.3. peers

3.4. networks

3.5. mentors

3.6. portfolios

3.7. personal learning environments

3.8. internships

3.9. "No Going Back"

4. iTunes U? (Digital Music Parallel)

4.1. shift from paying recording to live performance

4.1.1. but!! suggests more open content ... lower value ... but pay premium for the live university 'experience'? value add?

4.1.2. ? where do universities 'add value' in a more diverse learning supply chain direct investment don't duplicate low value adding that can be shared/provided elsewhere

4.2. National Centre for Academic Transformation

4.2.1. 'Emporium' Assessment Technology -39% cost better feedback

4.3. Open University of Catalunya

4.3.1. 100% online

4.3.2. -50% operational cost

4.3.3. 200 professors/2500 online mentors, 50,000 students

5. Q&A

5.1. University as Organisers of 'Care'?

5.2. Are you a Socialist?

5.2.1. combating the idea that public investments = helping people who won't help themselves

5.3. The Parents Fear (of not sending their child to university)

5.4. Collegiality and Collaboration for Socialization?

5.4.1. many of the questions express sceptism about the open socialization aspect

5.5. Worrying Comparison with Mortgage Bubble