Drupal Health Check

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Drupal Health Check by Mind Map: Drupal Health Check

1. characteristics

1.1. larger

1.2. sectors

1.2.1. education up-front education for clients we have to understand how to catch the next time around

1.2.2. government care more about long term less interest in brand/surface

1.3. ngo

1.3.1. have smaller budgets

2. Intro

2.1. content

2.1.1. Heading What title would make someone come to your talk What is the question people are asking ideas Measuring the health of your Drupal site Has my site been built well? How good is my Drupal site? Rate my Drupal site? Drupal site quality rating Rate the quality of your Drupal website constraints + scope Is drupal specific tools Google trends

2.1.2. strapline Convince someone to pay attention ideas Know what to do next Know whhat you have and what you can do with it Get an expert opinion on how well your drupal site has been built Know how well has your drupal site has been built? It's not magic, it;s just technology

2.1.3. standfirst sources Most important pain / gain Ideas Regain control of your Drupal project by getting expert advice from one of the UK's most established drupal teams. Regain control of your drupal site and know what  steps to take next Gain insight into the quality of your Drupal site so that you can make informed decisions on what to do next

2.2. Presentation

2.2.1. slide 1

2.2.2. slide 2

2.3. Google search/ Adwords/SEO

2.3.1. Heading and standfirst are your google search snippet

3. authority

4. Target audience

4.1. Poeple who have spent a lot of money on a drupal website but it's does not seem to live up to expectations

4.2. larger corporates who have been burned

4.2.1. are willing to learn

4.2.2. have to sell strategy

4.3. websites are strategically important

4.4. Has lost trust in it's development team

4.4.1. Doubting the development

4.5. Has a new Drupal website

4.6. Doubting the quality of the site

4.7. It has become difficult to make changes to your drupal site

4.8. Things are not working as I expected them to

4.9. anyone who has had an agency build a drupal website

4.9.1. agencies like campaign sites what happens when someone needs to keep updating and changing these sites

4.9.2. how do these get turned into platforms

4.10. agencies?

4.10.1. Is there any way to work directly with an agency very limited budget for development we dont want to have to get someone else between us and the clients not really interested in white label

4.10.2. cant do maintenance dont do Drupal

4.10.3. why do they get the website business? they sell to marketing people marketing people don't know what websites need to do

4.10.4. brand orientated clients are not interested in our work

5. Key words

5.1. Search Keywords (ranked)

5.1.1. Website Test

5.1.2. Website Testing

5.1.3. Website Grade

5.1.4. Website Quality

5.1.5. Website Rating

5.1.6. Website Assessment

5.1.7. https://goo.gl/zYKl7U

6. why?

6.1. We sell a lot of things

6.2. but we have never captured a lot of what we need tobe able to sell

6.2.1. cant write the content

6.3. we can cross sell

6.3.1. each product leads onto others

6.3.2. we need to know who to sell products too the more targeted our products the better we can target our content

7. elements

7.1. inputs and outputs

7.2. resources

7.2.1. client liason

7.2.2. auditing

7.3. assets

7.3.1. audit checklist

8. voice

8.1. think of things as a presentation that you would present in a natural way

8.2. our voice is natural

9. aida

9.1. awareness

9.2. interest

9.3. desire

9.4. action

10. what comes next

10.1. we work to fix key issues that come out of our audit

10.2. audit the client processes and capabilities

10.2.1. we need to work out how our clients work we want to be able to choose our clients

10.2.2. digital resiliance audit

10.2.3. how do we convince them they need this? risk assessments positive risks

10.2.4. how can your org do better

10.2.5. we cannot fix their site until we know what is causing the problems

10.3. content audit

10.4. analytics

10.4.1. custom analytics reports

10.4.2. allow technical

10.5. content strategy

10.6. roadmap

10.7. rebuild

11. our

12. Adverts

12.1. structure

12.1.1. title

12.1.2. Text