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SEO by Mind Map: SEO

1. Social Bookmarking sites









2. On Page

2.1. Meta Tags (5)

2.1.1. Keywords Tag target 1 town per page

2.1.2. Description Tag (2)

2.1.3. Content-Type Tag

2.1.4. Copyright Tag

2.1.5. Publisher Tag

2.1.6. Content-Lagnuage tag

2.1.7. Revist-After Tag

2.1.8. City Tag

2.1.9. Country Tag

2.1.10. State Tag

2.1.11. Zip Tag

2.1.12. Googlebot tag

2.2. Page Title

2.2.1. use of keywords in title (6)

2.2.2. keyword as first words in title (6)

2.3. Header tag

2.3.1. use of keywords in <h1> tag (5)

2.3.2. keyward first word in <h1> tag (4)

2.3.3. keyword use in other <h> tags (3)

2.4. ALT tag

2.4.1. keyword use in alt tag (3)

2.5. IMG

2.5.1. keyword use in image name (3)

2.5.2. always use Alt tag

2.5.3. use keyword in alt tags

2.6. Bolding: <b> or <strong>

2.6.1. keyword bolded (2)

2.7. Italics: <i> or <em>

2.7.1. kewywords in italics (2)

2.8. List

2.8.1. keyword use in list <li> tag (3)

2.8.2. use keyword in top list items

2.9. Page Content

2.9.1. keyword uses in first 100 words (4) Try to use keyword in first paragraph

2.9.2. keyword repeating in content (3) keyword density of 2% (i.e. use the keyword 2 times for every 100 words). Write for your readers not for search engines keyword relations determine relevancy Cars and Tires (yes) Web Design and Flying Monkeys (no)

2.10. links

2.10.1. use keywords in link text

2.10.2. use alt tag with keywords

2.10.3. on-page body links link to other relevant body text use anchor link with keywords

2.11. business data

2.11.1. whereever possible use [address] tag

2.11.2. use: Business:Name|Address|Phone|Website format

3. External

3.1. Site Submission

3.1.1. SE and Directory Submission Google search engine Yahoo Search Engine Bing search engine DOMZ open directory Alexa Directory AllcanSee Directory CanLinks Directory Jayde B2B index Librains Internet Index Mechant Circle Directory WhatUSeek Directory National Directory Index best of the web directory Yahoo directory directory startingpoint directory + use submission engine to reach others

3.1.2. Add site to Google Analytics

3.1.3. Bing Webmaster Center

3.2. Local Business Marketing

3.2.1. Bing Local Business Listings

3.2.2. Google Local Business listings

3.2.3. Verizon Super Pages

3.2.4. CitySearch

3.2.5. TrueLocal

3.2.6. use a service like RegisterLocal

3.2.7. other places to list local Acxiom infoUSA GeoSign Amacai Stunty AOL City Guide Criagslist judysbook chamber of commerce local library site

3.3. Inbound Link Buidling

3.3.1. link relavency is very critical

3.3.2. External links to relevent content

3.3.3. Good link sources websites in your industry charity, education inst you sponsor Chambers of Comerce, BBB, industry assoc. older long established sites news organizations (high pts) press release sites blogs & forums quality news articles .gov and .edu sites (high pts) social media and bookmarking sites customer review websites any positive & relavent branding credibility

3.3.4. if you sculp link text and direct to relavent page in your site

3.3.5. Link Juice (value) page is relavent to your content has good anchor text (keyword even?) pages other links are relevant text around link is relevant source page is respected (charity, news, edu or government site)

3.3.6. orphan pages orphan pages have no inbound links try to reduce or avoid orphan pages

4. in-site

4.1. Use a favicon.ico icon

4.2. robot.txt

4.3. Internal Link Building

4.3.1. site map (must have)

4.3.2. Breadcrumbs

4.3.3. featured item

4.3.4. links to yourself links from prod & services pages from your blogs news releases

4.4. additional value items

4.4.1. a little flash is okay (old note)

4.4.2. conversion page (submission page)

4.4.3. RSS Feed

4.4.4. Video (youtube if possible)

4.4.5. Blog (blogspot if possible)

4.4.6. social media links facebook myspace Twitter feed (or widget)

4.4.7. have text that can change regularly

4.4.8. other possible bonus bits free white paper how-to articles or manual series or articles podcast badge or image proprietary study quiz, poll, or test joke or cartoon wiki or knowledge base