TED Speech Template

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TED Speech Template by Mind Map: TED Speech Template

1. Foundation

1.1. Determine a specific Idea or Message for each part of talk and focus on conveying that one idea before moving on.

1.2. Why should the audience be interested in this idea?

1.3. Will it make a difference to the audience to have this knowledge?

1.4. Is my talk coming across as a gift or as if I am asking for something?

2. Tools for Conveying Ideas

2.1. Narrative

2.1.1. When it comes to sharing a story, remember to emphasize four key things: Base it on a character your audience can empathize with. Build tension, whether through curiosity, social intrigue, or actual danger. Offer the right level of detail. Too little and the story is not vivid. Too much and it gets bogged down. End with a satisfying resolution, whether funny, moving,or revealing

2.2. Connection

2.2.1. Personalize and be relatable

2.2.2. Establish Trust, credibilty,and vunerabilty - don't preach at audience. preach to audience

2.3. Explanation

2.3.1. Difficult concepts require metaphors and analogies and stories

2.3.2. Explain concepts and ideas one at a time

2.3.3. Explain what a difficult idea is NOT in order to clarify

2.4. Persuasion

2.4.1. Persuasion is the act of replacing some ones world view with something better.

2.4.2. Persuasion is the power of emotion coupled and supported by reason, and capable of long-term impact.

2.4.3. Persuasion is best accomplished by appealing to intuition and emotional pumps, and then allow listener to reach the same conclusion as speaker but by their own devices.

2.5. Revelation

2.5.1. Provide persuasive information via narratives and good explanations AND then allow audience to DISCOVER the significance of your IDEA.

3. Organizing Principle for each Main Idea

3.1. Introduction to Idea - what will be covered

3.2. Context - Why is this idea important

3.3. Main Concept - Use tools to inform and persuade audience to adopt new idea

3.4. Practical Implications- How the idea works in audiences life and why it works

3.5. Conclusion - Restate and allow AHA moment for listner