Digital Technology

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Digital Technology by Mind Map: Digital Technology

1. More importantly we were able to create our media blogs where we are able to upload both our preliminary task and our thriller opening. Through digital technology we were able to share our work though our blogs.

2. Production

2.1. Due to digital technology we were able to have a better quality visual as well as sound for our products. We used a Cannon DSLR 650D and due to digital technology we were able to centre the camera in order to make our final product look more professional. however for our preliminary task we did not do this or try to change adjust the lighting on the camera because we  were not aware that we could do this until we learned out it afterwards. one of the strengths is that the camera is small which meant that it was easy to manoeuvre. However, the battery life did not last long only about 2-3 hours. Which meant that during the production stage we had to get our shooting done within that time otherwise we would have to recharge which took long.

3. Pre- production

3.1. We used a variety of different websites in orders to collect the information needed for our thriller opening. For example official websites such as video on demand or illegal websites such as putlocker. However, this was not the case so much for our preliminary task this is due to the fact that we did not have enough time to plan. Which meant that we could not utilise digital technology at all during the pre production stage.

3.2. Digital technology also had a major part to play in the pre production of our thriller opening this is because we used a questionnaire on the internet. In order to find out what the audience wants  and the age range of people that would watch our thriller opening we made a questionnaire. We used the website monkey questionnaire in order to create a questionnaire that others could complete in order to collect results on how we should conducts our product.

3.3. Digital technology was used to search and collect information on the stereotypical conventions of a real thriller. We also used digital technology to plan the ways in which we would promote and advertise our thriller opening. Whether or not wanted certain social media sites also but digital technology also allowed us to view the ways which distributors distribute their films. Through digital technology we were able to view the ways in which films are distributed on the main social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

4. Post-production

4.1. Digital technology has meant that we were able to view other real media texts in order to find out more. Additionally, because of digital technology we were able to edit our final products in the way we wanted them to be seen.

4.2. In our preliminary task we were able to create continuity editing thought the postproduction stage the way in which we did this was slicing clips of scenes and piecing them together so they flow continuously. Which were essential for certain media conventions such match on action and shot reverse shot but also we were able to correct or erase any mistakes with our footage. An example of this is in our preliminary task where we were able to fix a problem this was the lighting and saturation of different scenes. We had little time to plan our preliminary task so we chose to shoot outside, which looking at back was not such a good idea.  Because of the different problems we encountered with the lighting either being too bright or their being not enough lighting in some scenes which changed the visuals.  On the other hand the good thing about the post production process is that you can correct these errors so we did just that. We used the colour saturation and brightness on the final cut pro programme in order to get the colour we need for all the scenes to match lighting wise.  This is why the postproduction stage was vital in terms of making our final product more professional.