Goldzone Leaders' Academy Meeting

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Goldzone Leaders' Academy Meeting by Mind Map: Goldzone Leaders' Academy Meeting

1. 7-21-16

1.1. Vision

1.1.1. Gathering new experiences to avoid recreating the past

1.1.2. Feeling comes up when the dream is being shared and when it comes true Fear of the unknown Fear of whether is it going to last Feeling other people's feelings

1.1.3. Vision quest

1.1.4. Traveling around the world just having a good time does not help with vision

1.2. Why do time go faster when we get older?

1.2.1. Younger Everything is new, new adventure, new experience When we immerse in new things, time expands Every experience has its purpose and meaning More excitement More open Look and feel younger More passion Always learning Less room for boredom More present More meaning and more purpose

1.2.2. Older Less new things, less exploring, less adventure and time zip by Important to fill life with new experiences to expand time Less passion More boredom Between orange and yellow zone Couple of nuances When you are focus on yourself, you will have boredom Time is always not enough, time appears to move faster More time poverty Look and feel old Disinterest Mundane Routine

1.3. Purpose of the Zones

1.3.1. Most people are obsessed with problems and like to dig like an archeologist Addicted to the feelings of the problems Because they don't have a compelling future where all the energy are from the future All the energy are hung on to the past because of the familiarity

1.3.2. Focus on ideal scene vs focus on problems

1.3.3. What does ideal scene look like at any given area?

1.3.4. Most society, therapy and training focus on dysfunctional to functional No focus on vision, not ideal, not optimum

1.3.5. Go for something extraordinary

1.3.6. Use the Zones to see what is optimal What is Optimal is different for everyone

1.3.7. Willingness to pay the price to have more optimum in life

1.3.8. Different emotions (zones) lead to different behaviours Can be affected by external circumstances Can be in different zones in different areas of life

1.3.9. Traditional leadership model They don't take into account that both the leaders and following are in different state at any given moment

1.3.10. Predictable behaviour leads to predicatable results Red zone will lead the person in Orange zone into red

1.3.11. Always moving people up At the beginning, people's taste bud is dull Need a palate cleanse before tasting the good stuff Focus on contribution and giving Greatest good for the greatest number of people

1.3.12. We all have a higher spirit that is guiding us Things always work out Predictability forces that are guiding us

1.3.13. There are 7 types of people

1.3.14. A measure of result and what outcome you get The Optima Zones are a measure of action If you act this way, you get this result The zones are a result of your actions

1.3.15. Emotions drive Actions Actions drive Results

1.3.16. You want to be a minimum of greenzone Fulfilment paradigm includes Success paradigm The zones are not linear The key is the fluidity of the feelings

1.3.17. Understanding of the zones depends on what zones you are in To know what zone you are in, take a look at: Your results Your emotions

1.3.18. When something goes wrong The energy from the compelling future will come in and lift you up Or the mass from the past can impinge and the energy can hijack you What state can I get into to solve my problem?

1.3.19. Your environment impacts your feeling which impacts your results

1.3.20. Drive your own productivity Remember the YouTube video "how the economic machine works"

1.3.21. Extreme value leads to extreme income

1.3.22. Cash flow Money comes in, money goes out

1.3.23. How to get out of reaction? Whats the truth about what happened? where else does that happen? Whats the truth about why I am scared? People who are used to lying to themselves will not be willing to see the truth Seeing the truth will instantly move out of reaction If we can't see it get support, it could be our plot thats why we cant see

1.4. Relationship

1.4.1. Be the person that you want to be with

1.4.2. The person you are looking for already exists It just takes 2 to be ready They are looking for you as you are looking for them

1.4.3. Get into the synchronicity It can happen in the most unlikely circumstances

1.4.4. You got to show up and play your part You got to TAKE THE ACTION! Believe!