Foundations Of Education

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Foundations Of Education by Mind Map: Foundations Of Education

1. Politics of Education

1.1. Identify and describe the four purposes of education.

1.1.1. 1.  Intellectual

1.1.2. 2.  Poltical

1.1.3. 3.  Social

1.1.4. 4.  Economic

1.2. Choose and describe a perspective for the following: (1) role of the school, (2) explanations of unequal performance; and (3) definitions of educational problems.

2. History of U.S. Education

2.1. Choose and describe a reform movement that you think has had the most influence on education.

2.2. Choose and describe one historical interpretations of U.S. Education.

3. Sociological Perspectives

3.1. Define the theoretical perspective concerning the relationship between school and society:  functionalism, conflict theory, and interactionalism.

3.2. Identify and describe 5 effects of schooling on individuals that you think have the greatest impact on students as explained in the book (there are 10 between pages 121-128).

4. Philosophy of Education

4.1. Describe the particular world view of one of student-centered philosophy of education (pragmatism or existentialism). Include the following information:  generic notions, key researchers, goal of education, role of teacher, method of instruction, and curriculum.

5. Schools as Organizations

5.1. Identify major stakeholders in YOUR district by name (state senators, House of Representatives, state superintendent, representative on state school board, local superintendent, and local school board).

5.2. Identify and describe the elements of change within school processes and school cultures.

6. Curriculum & Pedagogy

6.1. Explain a curriculum theory which you advocate (humanist, social efficiency, developmentalist, or social meliorist).

6.2. Identify and describe the two dominant traditions of teaching.

7. Equality of Opportunity

7.1. Describe how class, race, and gender each impact educational outcomes.

7.2. What were the two responses to the Coleman Study from 1982?

8. Educational Inequality

8.1. Explain the two types of cultural deprivation theory.

8.2. Describe at least four school-centered explanations for educational inequality.

9. Educational Reform

9.1. Describe two school based reforms (school based, school business partnerships, privatization,, school-to-work programs, teacher education or teacher quality).

9.2. Describe at two societal, economic, community, or political reforms.