Importances of Breakfast

Mind map

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Importances of Breakfast by Mind Map: Importances of Breakfast

1. Home

1.1. The overview of why human need breakfast, what supports that breakfast can bring to us?

1.1.1. Picture of breakfast, the general information about the effects of breakfast.

2. About

2.1. The details about the what kind of breakfast will support human best, and the nutritions in different breakfast combo.

2.1.1. Some cartoons show the different nutritions in breakfast food and nutritions' effects.

2.1.2. Details of the kinds of breakfast.

3. Contact

3.1. Users can contact me to share their achievements on breakfast, like some new nutrient breakfast combo they find, or some experience that breakfast helps them achieve or overcome anything.

3.1.1. Email, social media. Use survey form to know about users' breakfast hobbies and some basic information, like ages and jobs. In order to give breakfast suggestion better.

4. Stories

4.1. My personal story about breakfast

4.1.1. A simple animation video

5. Mission: help users have   healthy breakfast hobbies, and make more senses about healthy breakfast.

6. Reference

6.1. Attach all of the URL that used as my resources.

7. Blog

7.1. Some users' breakfast experience.

7.1.1. If the users like to share. And other users can leave their comments under each sharing, so users can discuss more about healthy breakfast, get ideas from others' experiences.

8. What we offer

8.1. Recipes

8.1.1. Recommend users various nutrient breakfast recipes. Attach some breakfast recipes, divided in fitting different groups' requirements.

8.2. Build Breakfast Habit

8.2.1. Sheets to help you build the hobby of eating breakfast in 21 days.

8.3. Schedule

8.3.1. Provide the some healthy example of taking breakfast, like take breakfast in some perfect time will help you have much more energy of each day's working or study. Examples are depended on different people, jobs, etc. Like young kids, high school students, and office clerks.