BikeLink - rearchitecture v3

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BikeLink - rearchitecture v3 by Mind Map: BikeLink - rearchitecture v3

1. Omnipresent

1.1. Login / Logout

1.2. Search

1.3. Get Help

1.3.1. Help variables to consider for each topic Choose Card Type or App choose facility type

1.3.2. Lost Card Report Lost Card

1.3.3. Card Not Working

1.3.4. Late Rental / Expired Meter

1.3.5. Refunds

1.3.6. Empty Card Link to Add Value

1.3.7. Forgot Something Inside

1.3.8. Equipment Broken

1.3.9. Contact Us - 24 hour Support Hotline // Contact Form (allow photo submission)

1.4. FAQ

1.5. Try our App

1.6. About BikeLink

1.6.1. How BikeLink Gets to your Community

1.6.2. Jobs

1.6.3. Partners (wordsmith) logos of partners how does BikeLink fit into the rest of the transportation system

1.7. Cardholder Agreement

1.7.1. Card is like Cash

1.7.2. Park at your own Risk

1.7.3. Lockers are for bikes only

1.7.4. Require Valid Contact Information Privacy

1.7.5. download agreement

1.8. Contact Us

2. Locations

2.1. Region

2.1.1. REGIONS LIST California (SF Bay Area) California (Sacramento) California (Santa Cruz) California (San Diego) California (Los Angeles) Illinois Maryland Nevada Oregon Utah Vermont Washington State

2.2. Per Location Information

2.2.1. Type of Facility (allow multiple) Vendor Locker Group facility Rentals Coming Soon

2.2.2. Usage/availability

2.2.3. COST

2.2.4. Max Duration for Rentals

2.2.5. Location Description/Directions

2.2.6. Image of Lockers (if available)

2.2.7. Facility Owner Logo

2.2.8. Logos of Accepted Cards at this Location Logo of the Card where it's accepted at

3. Getting Access

3.1. BikeLink Cards

3.1.1. Get a BikeLink Card Buy Online Call Find a vendor Online Cardholder agreement highlights ?

3.1.2. Activate your BikeLink Card Step 1: Enter Card Number Step 2: Register or Login Step 3: Get Code

3.1.3. Add Value to your BikeLink Card Step 1: Login Step 2: Select Step 3: Pay Step 4: Get Code

3.1.4. How to Check your Card Balance

3.1.5. Help with my Card

3.2. BikeLink App

3.3. Transit Cards

3.4. Get More Stickers

4. Secure Bike Parking

4.1. Individual Bike Locker

4.1.1. How It Works

4.1.2. Get a BikeLink™ card OR Download the app

4.1.3. Locate a Locker (link to Map)

4.1.4. Park your bike only bike related items, no storing of other items

4.1.5. End rental

4.1.6. Need Help?

4.1.7. Want this in your community (

4.1.8. CTA: Start Renting

4.2. Bike Parking Rooms

4.2.1. How It Works

4.2.2. Get a BikeLink™ card or Download the App

4.2.3. Get a Sticker

4.2.4. Locate a Group Bike Parking facility (link to map)

4.2.5. Park & Lock Your Bike

4.2.6. End Rental

4.2.7. Help / FAQ

4.2.8. CTA: Start Renting

4.2.9. - get this in your community

4.3. Purchase BikeLink System