NBN Customer Experience

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NBN Customer Experience by Mind Map: NBN Customer Experience

1. Over the counter

1.1. What is the prompt for staff to have the conversation?

1.1.1. What are the cues that staff have? How does the staff integrate this into existing transaction? Any transactions that we would stay away from?

1.1.2. Conversation starters What is the pitch? What is relevant to me? Simple explanation of CVP Next steps?

1.1.3. Offer Acceptance What is the process? Rejection Objection handling? Preventing the customer from having the same conversation over and over again More info What if the customer has questions?

1.1.4. Red flags

1.2. What will prompt the customer to ask the staff?

1.2.1. Poster or A frame?

1.2.2. Other in store material?

1.2.3. Questions from customers Tell me about the NBN? What info are we providing on this? Can I get the NBN Process check? No - what is the response? / Recommendation? What is the best plan for me? How is this different from ADSL/Cable? Why are you helping TLS / why this offer? What do you know about the NBN? Is there an escalation for tricky questions / customer complaints, etc?

2. Concierge

2.1. Approach which customers?

2.1.1. Cues? Who to ask? Who not to ask? Differences on when the location is busy? Customers in queue

2.1.2. Dialogue Opening Offering Acceptance Rejection Customer questions

2.2. Approached by customers

2.2.1. Questions from customers

2.3. Process for when in LPO?

2.3.1. E.g who gets the referrals?

2.3.2. Process in corporate?

2.4. Uniform / apperance

2.4.1. T-shirt says? Ordered through?

2.4.2. Do we have lanyard, etc?

2.4.3. Reports to?

2.4.4. Motivation to achieve? Incentive?

3. DIY

3.1. Landing page

3.1.1. Process flow Spiel Confirm eligibility Input data Confirmation of why this data is required? Send to TLS directly Does the customer receive something if they self select this approach? Email confirmation? Where do I go for additional info / questions? How is my data used? Marketing consent? Is this a general or just a specific consent to be contacted by TLS Confirm we will not keep data?

3.1.2. Relevant info What info on proposition?

3.1.3. How do customers navigate to here? Info on posters? Info on customer takeaway Is this viewable on search? URL? Easy / vanity?