Digital Communications

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Digital Communications by Mind Map: Digital Communications

1. SGA president

1.1. voting is September 23

1.1.1. Find out who the SGA president is Ask them some things and make an article about the things they said along with some other information

1.2. article layout

1.2.1. Your new SGA president is. Then write information about it. Then write things the president says that we interviewed. Things we ask the president What does it mean to you to be SGA President.

2. advisory promo

2.1. interview POSITIVE teachers and students

2.1.1. show  them some of the activities we do in advisory -Share our feelings -Rate our day or week

2.2. positive things about advisory

2.2.1. to make new friends knowing more people in school (in other grades) you have a teacher and people to go to when you're down

3. St. Jude article idea

3.1. DMS is collecting money for St. Jude all this going to them

3.1.1. Classes are going against each other to raise the most money

3.1.2. People dollar bills and pennies and they put them in there A block bucket and put and silver ang gold coins in opposing

3.1.3. Donate because every year someone ind in Madison city schools seems diagnosed with some sort of cancer and many people get diagnosed everyday with cancer

3.2. How can you help

3.2.1. Donate money to help if every student donates 15 dollars only then we can reach our goal in 12000 dollars.

3.3. Video idea

3.3.1. Show students dropping money in the bin

3.3.2. interview people maybe people who have had cancer or had or have relatives who have it

4. Yeabooks

4.1. Yearbooks are now available for purchase

4.1.1. yearbooks cost $5o dollars till November 22 $55 dollars from November 23- Jan. 20 $60 dollars at the end of the year

4.2. Article

5. News stories 10/18/16

5.1. CNN- Why Clinton and Trump need to lie

5.1.1. Informational opinion, Conflict or controversy The video basically is about how presidential canindates Hillary and Trump lie but they say something certain by choosing their words carefully. All about deception and showing both candidates lie. By making people think something else that already happened. The video also says everyone lies to a certain extent. The article follows up by saying that the canidates lie but they are not liars. MAIN POINTS

5.2. WAFF: Be sure to take an early shower Wednesday

5.2.1. Fact,Proximity,Conflict This article is about how the water thing is turning off from 8am-3pm in certain places and they will try to get it back on as soon as they can. This is all to install a drain. MAIN POINTS

5.3. Presidential Debate

5.3.1.  CNN Road to 270: CNN's latest electoral college map opinion, timeliness, In this video a reporter talks about who has won the previous debates and how the debate effected the race. The reporter said Hillary will probably gain more votes after tonight's debate.

6. 7 habits (Synergize)

6.1. Synergize is basically 2 people work better than one

6.1.1. Teamwork

6.1.2. Open-mindness Finding solutions Celebrating differences {type of learner, race}

6.2. synergy is

6.2.1. Teamwork celebrating differences open mindedness (open to new ideas)

6.3. 3 levels of diversity tolerance

6.3.1. Level 1: Shun diversity ,Shunners are afraid of differences. It disturbs them that someone may have a different skin color, worship a different God than they do, because they’re convinced their way of life is the only way.

6.3.2. Level 2: Tolerate diversity, Tolerators believe that everyone has the right to be different. They don’t shun diversity but don’t embrace it, either. You keep to yourself and I’ll keep to myself. You do your thing and let me do mine. You don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.

6.3.3. Level 3: Celebrate diversity, Celebrators value differences. They see them as an advantage, not a weakness. They’ve learned that two people who think differently can achieve more than two people who think alike. They realize that celebrating differences doesn’t mean that you necessarily agree with those differences, only that you value them.

6.4. How to get to synergy ( take the high way)

6.4.1. Define the problem Their way (Seek to understand the ideas of others.) My way (Seek to be understood by sharing your ideas.) Brainstorming (Create new ideas.) High way (Find the best solution.)

7. STEM Class

7.1. Make stuff

7.1.1. STEM 2 working on a greenhouse STEM 1 is working on prosthetic legs Mr. Griffin teaches both classes

7.2. Interview

7.2.1. questions to ask Griffin 1. Do you enjoy teaching STEM

7.2.2. 2. What are some things you are planning to do in STEM this year?

8. How to spread kindness and positivity

8.1. 1. If someone is alone at lunch ask them to sit with you

8.1.1. 2. Don't be mean to anyone but smile at them and say something nice 3. Put sticky notes on peoples lockers saying something nice or encouraging 4. Help someone who is having in trouble in math