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eLockTech.com v1 by Mind Map: eLockTech.com v1

1. Omnipresent

1.1. Request a Quote

1.2. Contact Us

1.3. Search

1.4. Owner Login (bikelink.org)

1.5. About BikeLink (bikelink.org)

1.5.1. Staff and Staff Bios

1.5.2. About, History

1.6. Map (Where We Are)

1.6.1. add partners by region list?

1.6.2. possible metrics number of users per space (over a year) distribution of cardholders (geocoded) - discuss display and caching

1.7. Awards (in Footer?)

1.8. Client List

1.8.1. Agencies

1.8.2. Logos

1.8.3. things we do with the partner

1.8.4. a little history and shout out

2. Technical Features and Specifications

2.1. eLocker Technical Features and Specifications

2.1.1. Locker Types

2.1.2. Standard Configurations/Configuration Options Representative Installations photos

2.1.3. Details Electronic Controller Housing Exterior Frame and Door Exterior Side Panels Interior Divider Panels Locking & Latching Vehicle Presense Sensing System Power Supply

2.1.4. User Access and interface

2.2. 3d Annotated Model: eLocker

2.3. Kiosk Technical Features and Specifications

2.3.1. Details Equipment Software Vehicle Presence Sensing System

2.3.2. Representative Installation Photos


2.4.1. Download eLocker Cutsheet pdf

2.4.2. Download Kiosk Cutsheet pdf

2.4.3. Kiosk inside layout image

2.4.4. Download Gateway Cut Sheet pdf

2.5. BikeLink Gateway specifications

2.6. BikeLink Network Options

2.6.1. Distributed Intelligence

2.6.2. Low Power Consumptions

2.6.3. Network Capabilities Basic "Sneakernet" Local Area Network Internet Connection

3. BikeLink: System Solutions Providers

3.1. Highlight: We not only developed the technology, we do all the support, etc. Vertical integration. Most advanced integrated solution on the market. Snazzy marketing language and tech specifics about what makes eLock unique.

3.2. Smart Technology (System)

3.2.1. Resources and Software tools for facility owners usage reports Provide examples of reports along with explanation of data User Web Resources What we don't do: Mass marketing emails, sell information, provide user personal information to owners, store CC info... BikeLink system administration web tools

3.2.2. Access Devices Regional Transit Cards Download Enabling Regional Transit Cards, ID cards... pdf Phone App

3.3. Smart System Management (Operations)

3.3.1. continued monitoring and maintenance software maintenance & continual upgrades

3.3.2. Remote User Support 24 hour support line User Telephone Support Resources

3.3.3. training

3.3.4. On-Site Administration Tools

3.3.5. Long Term Partnership Warranty Software License Bikelink User Agreement Operating Agreement 5 year agreement Time and materials

3.4. Installation and Relocation

3.5. Usage/Installation data: # users, locations, spaces, etc...

3.6. Number of cyclists served (may already be on homepage)

3.7. ongoing development - (and it's exciting!)

3.8. Request a Quote

4. Installation

4.1. Installation Overview

4.1.1. Site Suggestions

4.1.2. Site Requirements Non-ideal surfaces Download Concrete Strip Foundation pdf

4.1.3. Installation Timeline

4.2. form: eLocker Installation Information sheet. (2 Google docs, a sample and one to upload)

4.3. Locker Signs

4.4. Internet Connectivity Requirements

4.4.1. WiFi

4.4.2. Cell Modem

4.4.3. Local Area Network

5. Homepage


5.1.1. What is BikeLink

5.1.2. How on-demand Bike Parking Works

5.2. Benefits of BikeLink

5.2.1. Operational Flexibility

5.2.2. Interoperability Try our App

5.3. Low Operating Cost

5.3.1. low usage cost

5.3.2. Cost per Locker (30% of what assigned bike lockers per cycle cost)

5.4. Ease of Use

5.5. Multipoint Network

5.6. Secure

5.7. 24/7 support

5.8. Serves More Cyclists

5.8.1. serves 10x more cyclists than a traditional locker

5.9. Download BikeLink Brochure pdf (FAQ's, System Overview , Summary