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Industrialization by Mind Map: Industrialization

1. Immigration

1.1. Industrialization caused Immigration because it gave foreign people new opportunities for new jobs in the United States and so they could start fresh start

1.2. Quotas:

2. Urbanization

2.1. Industrialization led Urbanization becuase  the ability to mass produce steel at a low price. Immigration also led to Urbanization because of people needed living space and near similar ethic groups that share ideas and celebrations.

3. Pollution

3.1. Industrialization led to pollution because of the need to dispose of the excess materials into the air and thus creating pollution. Pollution was also created from Urbanization because so many people living in one area creates a situation for people to put their poop. So this ran into the streets and eventually went to the rivers and lakes where people got their water from.

4. Economies of Scale

4.1. This is when Prices go down because you can produce the product for cheaper. This happened because of Industriailzation and Industrialization was caused by this.

5. Lower Wages

5.1. The workers had gotten lower wages because they are not skilled workers and could easily be replaced.

6. Strikes

6.1. Workers refuse to work until demand are met. a lot of the time, they would just get fired for rarely got their demands met. More people wanted proper working conditions and/or higher wages.

7. Robber Baron

7.1. Robber Barons - A successful business owner but this is by breaking the law and cheating and using unfair ways to win.