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Project Management by Mind Map: Project Management

1. Teamwork PM

1.1. like basecamp

1.1.1. same pricing structure

1.2. review

1.3. seems to have everything!

1.4. pros

1.4.1. tasks can assign to multiple people can be done by anyone or has to be done by everyone dependencies priority quick task adding enter just the name hit enter ready for another task timer

1.4.2. project templates can be made from any project

1.4.3. team member statuses

1.5. cons

1.5.1. UI seems scattered piece meal hap hazzard too many views too many tabs the same info is in multiple places like all milestones

1.5.2. tasks priority is on secondary tab "Everything" task list does not show client

2. What I need:

2.1. ease of use

2.1.1. like checkvist must be easier than cv so I use it QUICK task entry subtasks make it easier

2.2. project templates

2.3. Birds Eye View

2.3.1. what projects need attention now?

2.3.2. how far along are we with client x for the month?

2.4. recurring tasks

2.5. task timer

2.6. assign to person

2.7. grouped by client and project

2.8. keyboard shortcuts

2.9. overview of progress for the day/week

2.10. report of progress today

2.11. ability to control what gets done first

2.11.1. project ordering?

2.11.2. timeline? start/end dates?

2.12. comment on tasks/projects

2.12.1. with date stamp would be nice

2.13. would be nice:

2.13.1. email integration create task from email update task status by email

2.13.2. subtasks

2.13.3. dependencies so that I know when my task is ready to do, and they do too

2.14. Additional Modules + Integration

2.14.1. CRM sales

2.14.2. whiteboard version tracking

2.14.3. issue tracking for client support

3. skylight

3.1. VERY interesting!

3.2. pros

3.2.1. timer!

3.2.2. CRM included has notes has tasks can see company/contact on line with task

3.2.3. can call with Skype

3.2.4. invoicing included

3.2.5. task list is manipulatable sort by any field custom filters

3.2.6. reports lot of them for our use or to give to clients

3.3. cons

3.3.1. no inline editing EVERYTHING has a seperate screen/popup

3.3.2. seems slow (slow mac)

3.3.3. milestones are dates only not associated with tasks

3.4. update

3.4.1. seems more mature now

3.4.2. might want to give it another shot

3.4.3. google docs in the app!

3.5. new update

3.5.1. pretty cluttered interface can't get rid of the stuff I don't need invoicing too many fields

3.5.2. pros CAN see projects related to client under their name

4. cohuman

4.1. interesting

4.2. organic inteface

4.3. pros

4.3.1. excellent "grading" system to determine priority orders tasks accordingly

4.3.2. dependencies

4.4. con

4.4.1. somewhat confusing interface may not get outsourcers to use it easily

4.4.2. no project templates

5. BusyLissy

5.1. interesting

5.2. simple

5.2.1. too simple

5.3. free beta

5.3.1. open source (github)

5.4. pro

5.4.1. subtasks

5.5. con

5.5.1. no inline editing

5.5.2. seems slow (slow mac)

5.5.3. tag bug weird long tag I never made showed up

5.5.4. no clients

6. GQueues

6.1. seperates assignments and (their) own tasks in sidebar

6.2. con

6.2.1. no timer

6.2.2. seperates my 'queues' and other's in sidebar (bad)

6.2.3. not really made for project management

7. hiTask

7.1. $15/mo total?

7.1.1. annual prepay

7.2. Questions

7.2.1. do colors pass to team members?

7.2.2. do stars pass to team members New node

7.3. pros

7.3.1. pretty cool!

7.3.2. drag and drop

7.3.3. tasks quick task entry subtasks can have options or no options drag and drop assignment to project! can star tasks group by date start and end dates and times!

7.3.4. team drag and drop assignment to team!!

7.3.5. deticated iphone app apparently very buggy

7.3.6. quick and responsive

7.3.7. email can create tasks by email

7.3.8. chat/notification sidebar! tells you what new assignments you got inline with chat 5 second+ response time

7.3.9. easy to use templates archive use copy of archive (one button)

7.4. cons

7.4.1. no clients (if had 'super projects' or 'project folders' that would solve it)

7.4.2. no timer planned

7.4.3. no history for the day (report)

7.4.4. recurring only one day/week

7.4.5. no undo

7.4.6. no kb shortcuts tab to indent move up/down

7.4.7. no inline editing

7.4.8. can't see comments without opening task

7.4.9. autologs out

7.4.10. no milestones would be nice to see deadlines and what's required to meet them

7.4.11. archive is not shared

7.5. wishlist

7.5.1. larger text for task title

7.5.2. no forced title for notes

7.5.3. tasks grayed out till start date

7.5.4. chat highlight new chats/alerts in message feed chat icon if there are comments would be nice if there was a 'new' indicator as well differentiate chat from alerts so you can tell the difference

7.5.5. extract subtasks extract subtasks and show in all views the way it is now, if a MainTask is not assigned to me, I can't see it if filtered by my tasks extract subtasks and show in My View this could be an option

7.5.6. UI wish it wouldn't spazz out after an edit I always lose my place

7.6. bottom line

7.6.1. I would use this.

8. Checkvist

8.1. now has tags so it's a possibility

8.2. planned tags + due + search view

8.3. planned list tags

8.3.1. will be nice to sort by client will allow use of lists as projects

8.4. cons

8.4.1. can't see bird's eye view of projects (clients) and sub projects in same view WILL be able to when have better search bc will have tags searchable in projects (and can tag with client, 1 time, monthly, etc.)

8.4.2. tagged view sorts alphabetically for each item (can't sort by priority, even within lists)

8.5. wishlist

8.5.1. no auto complete parent when all children are completed not good for projects that still have tasks that are undefined

8.5.2. Due Date of parent task is shown in tag filter view so you can see that the parent task needs to be done ASAP (so that means the child does too)

8.6. bottom line:

8.6.1. will be nice when have list tags and ablility to sort, but maybe stick with hitask for now till then

9. DeskAway

9.1. used by Justin/Chaunna Brooke

9.2. ulitmately too cluttered

9.3. can't order tasks by due date in general task list

10. ClientSpot

10.1. interesting

10.2. does have timer

10.3. does have project 'duplication'

10.4. databases

10.4.1. WAY slow to use would never use it

10.5. sort projects by company

10.6. $50/mo would prob be ok for me

10.6.1. up to $125/mo

10.7. updates about once every 1.5 months

10.8. cons

10.8.1. tracks progress based on time, not by tasks made for hourly companies

10.8.2. ugly

10.8.3. too complicated for ANYONE to use

11. Wrike

11.1. interesting

11.1.1. uses multi-view folders too much hands-on needed?

11.1.2. gantt charts

11.1.3. good email integration

11.2. pricing

11.2.1. $20 per manager

11.2.2. $10 per team member

11.2.3. time tracking: $8/user/month!

11.3. cons

11.3.1. made big changes to move in a "social" direction complete crap

11.3.2. done with this option after trying it

12. huddle

12.1. kinda expensive

12.1.1. $40mo for 5 'workspaces'? not anymore! now $150/month for up to 10 users plus more!

12.2. might take a closer look

13. ACE Project

13.1. pricing

13.1.1. $40/mo for 25 projects with ANY status (even closed!)

13.1.2. $100/mo unlt.

13.1.3. SELF HOSTED available

13.2. good dependencies

13.3. lots of clicking around but fast

13.4. MIGHT look into it

14. 5pm

14.1. it's ok

14.2. has time tracking widget (best thing about it)

14.3. tasks are arranged in hierarchy... just plain clunky

14.3.1. feels like a Microsoft product but cheap

15. intervals

15.1. $50/mo for 40 projects

15.2. $100 for 100

15.3. REALLY good at tracking time stats

15.3.1. seems OK for everything else

15.4. might take a closer look if others don't work out

15.5. cons

15.5.1. ultimately too complicated for ANYONE to use

15.6. update

15.6.1. maybe try it

15.6.2. everything can be sorted by client milestones

15.6.3. can view all milestones project and client name are in same view

15.6.4. lots of stuff I don't need billing lots of stuff based on billable time

15.6.5. can copy any project

15.6.6. overview progress for projects only based on time estimated time of tasks vs logged time

15.6.7. cons no start date for milestones can't see project status from 'client' view pricing $50 for 40 projects $20 for 15

16. copper

16.1. pricing

16.1.1. up to 25 users for $50/mo (good)

16.1.2. up to 5 for $30/mo

16.2. update

16.2.1. WOW

16.2.2. lots of improvements

16.2.3. pros timer project templates clean interface project features project progress bar! project priority templates tasks sub tasks dependencies task priority client management gantt chart with drag and drop project budgeting drag and drop task order make tasks into subtasks

16.2.4. cons blog is sparce so is "community" in Get Satisfaction task dependencies don't mean anything they don't prevent you from starting the task they don't alert you at all UI is combersome can't check off tasks have to click "edit" to edit anything tasks no recurring tasks MUST have start and end date can NOT assign task to user??

16.2.5. bottom line: has all the features I want, but it's too dang cumbersome to actually use every day

16.3. Bottom Line

16.3.1. tons of great features

16.3.2. UI looks and feels like it was built for robots to use, not humans I would not want to use this every day my team would not want to use this every day

16.4. update

16.4.1. pretty nice tracking of client related projects

16.4.2. still agree with bottom line above


17.1. JUST like basecamp

17.2. FREE up to 50 projects, unlt users for now?

17.2.1. got an account (in lastpass)

17.3. eh, it's ok

17.3.1. no templates (would be in same boat as with CV.. no good planning

17.3.2. can't see overview of all projects except just my tasks

17.3.3. milestonesare not shown with tasks in my view

17.3.4. DOES have drag and drop which is cool assign tasks to users to milestones

18. ProWorkflow

18.1. $20/user (expensive)

18.2. might check it out if deparate

19. PlanDone

19.1. looks like old prgramming

19.2. $15/user/mo (pretty expensive for crap)

20. @task

20.1. won't even say what pricing is

20.2. might look if wasn't rediculous

20.3. more of an enterprise type

21. clutterpad

21.1. pricy like basecamp

21.2. has many different modules

21.2.1. writepad

21.3. looks decent

21.4. any better than CIT?

21.5. cons

21.5.1. pretty ugly

21.5.2. lots of different screens

21.5.3. contacts are not very well tied to tasks

21.6. pros

21.6.1. drag and drop

21.6.2. writepad is nice highlights changes for other users

21.6.3. chatrooms

21.7. bottom line

21.7.1. I would NOT use this

21.7.2. team would have trouble learning it would not enjoy using it

22. Teambox

22.1. like twitter for project management

22.2. ok, the task feature seems weak

22.3. more for creatives who will talk a lot

22.4. open source

23. Veo Project

23.1. Pros

23.1.1. quick outline entry

23.2. Cons

23.2.1. task dependencies don't account for early task completion when task is marked complete, the dependency doesn't update

23.2.2. can NOT easily see what's NOT assigned

23.2.3. can't collapse notes field

23.2.4. MUST have task associated with project

23.2.5. no way to control what's done first

23.2.6. no recurring tasks?

23.2.7. doesn't seem to do well with pripetual projects no recurring tasks can't archive a task once it's finished (have to manually delete)

23.3. bugs

23.3.1. task still shows up im 'my tasks' even though I deleted me as a resource on the task

23.3.2. can't create new project document; says already used 5 but only have one in a folder and trash is empty

23.4. Questions:

23.4.1. how does time tracking work?

23.5. update

23.5.1. don't like it- too complicated ugly

24. manymoon

24.1. interesting

24.2. no details on site

24.3. $20/mo for all features

24.4. integrated with g apps?

24.5. pros

24.5.1. actually pretty cool

24.5.2. can update 'status' with what you're working on

24.5.3. quick add quick add of tasks, projects comment to tasks status

24.5.4. drag and drop order tasks can reorder project tasks (with upgrade)

24.5.5. many intuitive features

24.5.6. gmail gadget good for when I email a task to a team member

24.5.7. tags represent experience as people complete tasks with specific tag, it shows as experience (tag cloud)

24.5.8. project templates keeps tasks milestones other?

24.5.9. good communication can post to the 'wall' that they need help with x everyone can see it and chime in together

24.5.10. 'feed' of today's history

24.5.11. stays logged in even after browser restart

24.5.12. can assign tasks to multiple people New node

24.5.13. good milestones UI can see what tasks are required and completed to meet milestone

24.6. cons

24.6.1. UI not as intuitive as hitask wish it was smoother

24.6.2. no timer

24.6.3. no contacts (clients)

24.6.4. no subtasks REALLY needs it for quick task entry

24.6.5. no undo

24.6.6. can't sort tasks by due date? it's the default view

24.6.7. tasks are not public

24.6.8. no way to easily see project statuses in project view have to open project and look at milestones

24.6.9. very hard to see the 'big picture' across projects

24.6.10. hard to direct what to do first

24.6.11. can NOT adjust sort order only manual sort no priority sort no date sort

25. Clocking It

25.1. FREE!

25.2. seems to have most everything, except

25.2.1. project templates supposedly coming

25.3. great community

25.4. slightly combersome to use

26. Thymer

26.1. cost

26.1.1. 1 person, $5/mo

26.1.2. 6 people, $25/mo

26.2. pros

26.2.1. time tracking

26.2.2. simple

26.2.3. smart tags in-line (@calls) like THL

26.2.4. HAS TIMER!

26.3. cons

26.3.1. too simplistic

26.3.2. no project templates?

26.3.3. no clients (can use projects as clients, but there are no subtasks to use for projects)


26.3.5. forced 'scheduling' 'today' 'week'

26.3.6. feels forced in many ways

27. new additions

27.1. project2manage

27.1.1. crappy task list

27.2. lessprojects

27.2.1. just in beta

27.2.2. can't see all projects

27.2.3. slow and unusable now

27.3. 5pmweb

27.3.1. ok

27.3.2. 2 pane view

27.3.3. too much info (cluttered)

27.4. Scrumy

27.4.1. notepad interface

27.4.2. interesting

27.4.3. built for programmers

27.5. taskbarn

27.5.1. one url per project??

27.6. phitodo

27.6.1. adobe air

27.6.2. clunky interface

27.7. CodeSpaces

27.7.1. like CIT

27.7.2. for programmers

28. newer additions

28.1. Intervals

28.1.1. too much stuff with hourly billing

28.1.2. no quick task creation like clocking it

28.2. ReddyNote

28.2.1. like hiTask in a lot of ways quick task entry

28.2.2. no subtasks

28.2.3. projects?

28.2.4. can see all tasks and projects?

28.2.5. $4 per month per user

28.3. collabtive

28.3.1. open source

28.3.2. too compartmentalized

28.3.3. no easy task entry

28.3.4. DOES have timer (I think)

28.3.5. free

29. wizehive

29.1. cons

29.1.1. more colaboration than project management

29.1.2. no recurring tasks?

29.1.3. no task templates?

29.2. about $25/mo

29.2.1. free account

29.3. ?

29.3.1. has a general page for all clients (workspaces)?

29.4. pros

29.4.1. different look and feel nice and clean seems to have good ui

29.4.2. iphone app

29.4.3. $39/mo unlimited *many features "coming soon" time tracking (timer?) deal tracking dependencies

30. Active Collab


30.1.1. time tracking no timer on same interface

30.1.2. templates

30.1.3. customer communication invoicing

30.1.4. emails me important updates I can respond right to the email!

30.1.5. iphone interface

30.1.6. recurring tasks

30.2. try:

30.2.1. can create copies of tickets? dates updated just like project templates

30.3. cons

30.3.1. NO comments on tasks or task lists only on tickets tickets would have to be tasks tasks would be subtasks milestones would be task lists ...which would be bloated this MIGHT solve the issue looks like can add new tickets directly to milestones with one click

30.3.2. very guarded dev team won't release any details of new features fourthcoming, or timeline/roadmap

30.3.3. task timer is separate desktop app and therefore not useful

30.4. price

30.4.1. $250 small biz

30.4.2. $500 for added features

30.5. even stuff I don't

30.5.1. API

30.5.2. source code

30.6. wishlist

30.6.1. versioning of Tickets files

30.7. addons

30.7.1. Appsmagnet aC Garage upgrades taken care of $199/year

30.7.2. USWbeStyle

30.7.3. ActiveLabs Quickify Tabinator Pro

30.7.4. Themes modern theme

30.8. bugs

30.8.1. project templates' tickets' tasks don't keep the correct date?

30.9. Update

30.9.1. V3 is in beta

30.9.2. easily setup systems in outline view

30.9.3. can see progress very well inside each project

30.9.4. can see all projects related to client? CAN assign to client, but can you see all projects for that client? YES, project list is sortable by client (left sidebar)

30.9.5. con no global milestone view

30.9.6. has project templates? yes

30.9.7. screenshots pre-launch page bootcamp webinar

30.9.8. can see all tasks for user?

31. Basecamp

31.1. plans

31.1.1. $25/mo 15 projects

31.1.2. $50/mo 35 projects

31.2. pro

31.2.1. project templates

31.2.2. does have history

31.3. cons

31.3.1. no task dependencies

31.3.2. no recurring tasks

31.3.3. no timer have extensions for it that are good

31.3.4. totally over simplified tasking no sub tasks comments need to be clicked to be viewed at all

32. VisionProject

32.1. $22 unlimited

33. Tom's Planner

33.1. free in beta

33.1.1. free for one year after

33.2. nice interface

33.3. cons

33.3.1. no templates

33.3.2. just a timeline no completion no timer

34. ZohoProjects

34.1. about $35/mo

35. CoMindWork

35.1. priced based on number of projects (expensive)

36. celoxis

36.1. Daniel Turner uses

36.2. $14/mo/user hosted

37. Pelotonics

37.1. used by Kevin Wilke?

37.2. $49/mo with time tracking, 35 projects

38. Liquid

38.1. $25/user/mo

38.2. looks like nice interface

38.3. iphone app

39. (no)

39.1. FreelanceSuite

39.1.1. $69 to buy

39.1.2. designed for feelancers can interact with clients for approvals

39.1.3. manages billing and clients too

39.1.4. cons very annoying and combersome

39.2. actionmethod

39.2.1. $12/month per user

39.2.2. nice ui

39.2.3. might be good for something else

39.2.4. cons not for outsourcers, too simplistic no timers barely deals with dates can't hold many tasks outsourcer must accept the delegated task? goes in their inbox

39.3. doolphy

39.3.1. $135 for what I need per month

39.3.2. not even that good


40.1. good contender

40.2. all fully integrated tools!

40.2.1. like having all the 37s apps in one!

40.3. a bit buggy...

40.3.1. but BIG potential!!

40.4. UPDATE

40.4.1. UI now VERY snappy and clean

40.4.2. should be able to see all items related to client could not get it to work- might be a bug from my old account projects milestones tasks docs

40.4.3. just needs project/milestone templates

40.4.4. Bottom Line: best option if I can get the clients to link up with milestones/projects, AND some kind of templates or copy/paste of milestones/projects

41. ApolloHQ

41.1. VERY clean

41.2. obviously modeled after Basecamp

41.2.1. but adds CRM (Highrise)

41.3. appstorm

42. projecturf

42.1. all in one

42.1.1. many additional features issue tracking whiteboard

42.1.2. CRM included

42.2. cons

42.2.1. no priority in tasks

42.2.2. seems bloated

42.3. pros

42.3.1. nice access control

42.4. pricing

42.4.1. 1 project for $9.99/mo. 5 projects for $19.99/mo. 20 projects for $39.99/mo. 40 projects for $69.99/mo. 70 projects for $99.99/mo. 100 projects for $119.99/mo. 150 projects for $169.99/mo. Unlimited projects for $199.99/mo.

42.5. appstorm

42.6. give it a try

42.6.1. required cc!? not now "for a limited time"

42.7. update

42.7.1. lots of new improvements

42.7.2. too much 'stuff' though.. and too pricey

43. Subernova

43.1. eh

43.2. Air app

43.3. dark and gloomy

43.4. maybe try??

43.5. appstorm likes it :/


44.1. looks ok

45. paprika

45.1. very minimalist

45.2. inline everything

46. taskant

46.1. appstorm

46.2. clean

46.3. NO CRM

46.4. the BEST task manager I've ever seen!

46.4.1. however, does not do anything else

47. Speckle

47.1. very interesting

47.2. simplified but versitile

47.3. give it a try

47.3.1. eh... no global task list I'm done.

47.4. appstorm

48. Wunderkit

48.1. too social focused

49. TeamLab

49.1. simple

49.2. free

49.3. milestones act as task lists

49.3.1. can be good

49.4. pros

49.4.1. UI VERY clean VERY easy to use

49.4.2. shows completion status for tasks based on milestones ex: 4/5 tasks completed for xyz milestone

49.4.3. tasks drag and drop between milestones in project view

49.4.4. has project templates can't create from existing projects? no due dates for tasks only for milestones

49.4.5. VERY active development updates to app and blog

49.4.6. task timer

49.5. cons

49.5.1. tasks can't sort task list can't sort by due date can sort by project no priority sort (no priority feature) NO sorting options in My Tasks no priority could use tags no way to see unassigned tasks accross all projects

49.5.2. no task timer looking into it? now implemented!

49.5.3. no clients in Project Management coming soon?

49.5.4. no view for all milestones in all projects dashboard only doesn't show useful details

49.5.5. slow server sometimes as much as 10 sec to load a page

49.6. Wish List

49.6.1. Show comments icon and popup inline with item (project/task/milestone)

49.6.2. tasks quick task entry just create title, then hit enter, then ready for another task task dependencies

49.7. coming soon

49.7.1. CRM

49.7.2. advanced permissions

49.8. bottom line

49.8.1. VERY nice app that is kinda fun to use

49.8.2. needs more fine-tuning in the "overview" area, accross all projects what should I be doing now?

49.8.3. UI is too good, and they update fast will try it for a while and see if they improve or I can live with the shortcomings

50. Producteev

50.1. task manager only

50.2. hast a ton of great functionality in task management

50.3. cons

50.3.1. no task lists

50.3.2. no due dates for projects no milestones or anything else to break the "workspace" down

50.4. pros

50.4.1. priority

50.4.2. due dates

50.4.3. sorting by anything

50.4.4. "workspaces" (projects) can see and sort tasks across all workspaces

50.4.5. smart filters

50.4.6. bulk actions

50.5. bottom line

50.5.1. doesn't seem powerful enough for project management

51. Brix

51.1. stupid

51.2. tasks based on dragging between different status

51.2.1. set up for large corporate structure?

51.2.2. I just want to check something off

52. Freedcamp

52.1. interesting UI

52.2. drag and drop everything for tasks

52.2.1. priority

52.2.2. due date

52.2.3. completion (status)

52.2.4. a little too far takes too long to drag over everything

52.3. milestones

52.3.1. don't correlate with tasks

52.3.2. can only see across all projects with widget max 20

52.4. can't see tasks accross all projects!

52.4.1. can create widget only date sortable max 20 in view

53. SlingPlan

53.1. has some nice features

53.2. made for robots

54. Stacks

54.1. task manager only

54.2. nice ui

54.3. starting at $20/mo

54.3.1. 5 users

54.4. not powerful enough (features)

54.4.1. project templates

54.4.2. focus on just one project

55. Pivotal Tracker

55.1. used by Colin and company

55.2. made for programmers

55.2.1. can be modified to work with us?

56. Asana

56.1. interesting

56.2. cons

56.2.1. no task lists or subtasks from projects strait to one level tasks does have "headings" NOT connected to tasks in any way

56.2.2. slow for now still in beta

56.2.3. tasks no global view of all "workspaces" no universal priority if have "backup" tasks for team, can't prioritize them? receiver of assigned task has to place it options too much on low level people to have to do this

56.3. pros

56.3.1. clean ui

56.3.2. quick task entry field! get the idea out first, then enter details

56.3.3. kb shortcuts

56.3.4. quickly edit task

57. Brix

57.1. worthless

57.2. move tasks in different stages

58. ProofHub

58.1. decent design

58.2. too focused around proofing

58.3. tasks are merely footnotes under milestones

59. Project Bubble

59.1. Tasks

59.1.1. take the place of task lists/milestones

59.1.2. can have properties due date assigned to etc.

59.1.3. progress bar

59.2. Subtasks

59.2.1. take the place of tasks

59.2.2. can have assignee due date nothing more

59.3. cons

59.3.1. NO recurring tasks or todos

59.3.2. can't turn off unnecessary options billable time

59.3.3. task order does not follow project order

59.4. pros

59.4.1. drag and drop ordering tasks and Projects!

59.4.2. timer inline with task

59.4.3. CAN duplicate projects and 'tasks' (lists/milestones)

59.4.4. nice, clean workflow easy to see what's most important to do next can sort by due date alphabetical manually

59.5. bottom line

59.5.1. no functions for 'todos'

59.5.2. nice option

60. Podio

60.1. many apps and can create own apps, and modify any app

60.1.1. can create special apps for each kind of task like one for 'backlinking tasks'

60.1.2. great way to customize

60.1.3. can auto-create tasks for each app node created but the tasks have to be manually assigned not intuitive as you must hunt for the new tasks in the main task interface can get around this by viewing tasks in the app node (like 'Client X Backlinking') and assigning the node to a user

60.2. (general)

60.2.1. pros nice display of my tasks also of tasks assigned to others can sort by due date, etc. all messages stored in one place don't have to go fishing through email UI feels integrated and well thought out can modify any app! take out things you don't need can create apps! many uses can also use other people's created apps

60.2.2. cons permissions are based on spaces

60.3. Projects

60.3.1. no project duplication? ie saved project templates

60.3.2. "spaces" can be used as projects

60.4. CRM

60.5. Leads

60.5.1. cons no task "tracks"?

60.6. recruitment

60.7. Intranet

60.8. Clients

60.8.1. can be integrated use them inside of a 'space' as an app

60.9. Bottom line

60.9.1. this COULD work

60.9.2. might be a bit clunky would also be some work to create the systems

61. teamplifier

61.1. nice project display

61.1.1. shows progress of all projects on one screen

61.2. general UI is bla

62. Trello

62.1. interesting

62.2. project "board"

62.3. no task templates

62.3.1. but in the works

62.4. seems VERY good for top level overview of project status

62.5. Checklists

63. Orchestra

63.1. FREE

63.2. NICE iPhone app

63.3. VERY simple

63.4. does have email integration

63.5. no

63.5.1. subtasks

63.5.2. projects (just tasks)

64. Wedoist

64.1. from makers of todoist

64.2. simple but has the essentials

64.3. tags

64.4. tasks and lists

64.5. all task view

64.6. cons

64.6.1. lists are not sortable but by manually

64.6.2. no milestones or similar

64.6.3. no project templates

65. Flow

65.1. very nice task management

65.2. a lot like Things, but online for teams

65.3. VERY quick task entry

65.4. Mac menu bar app

65.5. VERY nice calendar multi-view of upcoming task due dates

65.6. cons

65.6.1. project manager can't see tasks created by other users unless they are assigned to PM??

65.6.2. no task list templates?

65.6.3. no subtasks

65.6.4. folders are personal? (only seen by user that created them)

65.7. $10/mo/user

65.7.1. 3 users = 30% off

65.7.2. 10 users = 50% off

66. SkinnyBoard

66.1. move cards

66.2. interesting

66.3. Trello is better

67. SmartQ

67.1. Kanban system

67.1.1. cards

67.2. Trello is better

67.2.1. easier

67.2.2. simpler UI

67.3. can't assign lists (stages) to user

67.3.1. same as trello

67.4. no multi-board view

68. Projectial

68.1. not polished

68.2. milestones not tied to tasks

69. GoPlan

69.1. no clients

69.2. DOES have project/milestone templates


70.1. ugly and clunky

70.2. has a nice view of all projects and milestones

70.2.1. progress

70.2.2. start and end dates

70.3. just too convoluted and clunky

71. Pegby

71.1. like Trello

71.2. customizable boards with paid account

71.2.1. pay what it's worth model

71.3. has 'all board' view to track status of all boards?

71.4. appstorm

72. Trigger

72.1. nice UI

72.2. no duplicating projects

73. Do (salesforce)

73.1. currently VERY slow

73.2. buggy

73.2.1. wouldn't pull up my todos

73.3. still in beta

73.4. by the team that made Manymoon


74.1. This thing is amazing!

74.2. kanban boards

74.3. see all boards on one board!

74.4. Calendar view to schedule tasks or anything

74.5. great, clearn UI!