Web 2.0 Tools and Mobile Apps

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Web 2.0 Tools and Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools and Mobile Apps

1. Tools for Stats

1.1. Survey Monkey (Web 2.0)

1.1.1. Generates surveys that can be dispersed through a program/organization via email.  Generates stats and results of the viewpoints of colleagues.

1.2. GameChanger Baseball (Mobile App)

1.2.1. User friendly stat tracking system that is done on a tablet.  Uploads stats instantly and generates a hit tracker.  Once players are added they are in the system.

1.3. ITouchStats Basketball (Mobile App)

1.3.1. iTouchStats Basketball is an easy-to-use, powerful stat keeper for basketball. Track detailed stats for players & teams on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

2. Tools for Collaboration

2.1. Coach Note (Web 2.0)

2.1.1. Allows you to draw, plan and create sports tactics.

2.2. Hudl (Mobile App)

2.2.1. Video Application that allows you to break down and analyze the video.

2.3. Coach's Eye (Mobile App)

2.3.1. Video Application that allows you to provide feedback to your athletes quickly and effectively.

2.4. Slack (Mobile App)

2.4.1. Allows you to share your files and collaborate with coaches and players.  Great source of communication as well.

3. Tools for Communicating

3.1. Skype (Web 2.0)

3.1.1. This tool allows you to communicate with others live through streaming video.  Coaches and AD's can communicate with one another  in a more convenient way.

3.2. Twitter (Web 2.0)

3.2.1. A source of social media that allows coaches and administrators to communicate results from competitions.

3.3. Facebook (Web 2.0)

3.3.1. A source of social media that allows you to connect and communicate with people whom have similar interests such as athletics.  Allows you to communicate events as well.

3.4. Gmail (Web 2.0)

3.4.1. Email service that enables you to communicate with other coaches and AD's.

3.5. LinkedIn (Web 2.0)

3.5.1. Webpage that allows you to communicate and build professional relationships through an online network.  Able to find coaches and other professional looking for jobs.

3.6. TeamSnap (Mobile App)

3.6.1. Mobile App that allows you to send reminders and communicate with your sports team.  Allos you to share pictures and results as well.  The app has a space for location and uniform selection as well.

3.7. Instagram (Mobile App)

3.7.1. Social Network that is based around the sharing of images and ideas.  Athletic Programs often upload a picture of the location of the game in order to advertise for the program.

4. Tools for Organizing

4.1. Google Docs (Web 2.0)

4.1.1. Allows you to create a new document and edit with others at the same time -- from your computer, phone or tablet.

4.2. Google Calendar (Web 2.0)

4.2.1. Allows you to edit and share a calendar with other professionals.  Calendar constantly changes with updates and is great for organization.

4.3. DropBox (Web 2.0)

4.3.1. A way of sharing and organizing pictures of an athletic program and keeping them in a central location.

4.4. IPracticeBuilder (Mobile App)

4.4.1. Mobile App that allows coaches to plan and organize a practice.

4.5. Remind (Mobile App)

4.5.1. Mobile App that sends you individual reminders of events, personal memos and deadlines.

4.6. InstaTeam (Mobile App)

4.6.1. I InstaTeam App is free to download and use.With InstaTeam one can create account, create team and connect with there friends and colleagues.