Matthew's Balanced Lifestyle

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Matthew's Balanced Lifestyle by Mind Map: Matthew's Balanced Lifestyle

1. Nutrition

1.1. Strengths: I believe strengths in my diet are that I have meat every day, fruit and veggies every day and have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having meat every day is a strength because meat contains protein which is needed to survive and maintain a healthy diet. Fruit and veggies are a strength because there are healthy snack and provide you with good nutrition. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner is a strength because it means you can maintain a healthy diet because having them means you have a good healthy amount of food.

1.2. Weaknesses: I believe weaknesses in my diet are that I have to big of proportions and eat to much junk food (chips, sweets). Having to big of proportions is a weakness because it is unneeded food that just gains weight. Eating junk food is a problem because junk food contains a lot of sugar and no nutrition.

1.3. Improving: I could improve my diet by lessing the amount of food I have each day so i don't gain extra weight. I also should less the amount of junk food i have so i reduce my sugar levels.

2. Wellbeing

2.1. Strengths: My personal wellbeing is roughly 90 out of 100 (a wellbeing over 75 shows your happy and satisfied wiht your life). This shows that I am very satisfied wth my life. This is most likely because of the community I am in. My community is a very loving and caring community so it makes me fee welcomed and cared for.

2.2. Weaknesses: There are really any problems with my well being because i am very happy with my life. But one thing that could improve is how happy with what I am achieving in life. I believe I could be getting better grades in school then what I am currently getting.

2.3. Improving: By improving with what I am achieving in life it will reduce stress making my wellbeing better as a whole.

3. Sleep

3.1. Strengths: A strength of my sleep is a wake up naturally not from an alarm. This is a strength because it means I get good sleep.

3.2. Weaknesses: I believe that for my age I don't get enough sleep. This is a weakness because it can cause stress and over tiredness. Another weakness is I go on technology before I go to sleep; it is recommended that you should have a 1 hour break before going to sleep. This a problem for me because it means I don't get a deep sleep and get the hours that I need. Due to this I normally wake up in the middle of the night and get less sleep.

3.3. Improving: I could improve my sleep by putting my technology outside so I'm not tempted to go on it before I go to sleep. By doing this it will mean I won't be on my technology before I go to sleep and i could be reading a book which helps you go to sleep.

4. Activities

4.1. Strengths: strengths in my activities are that I do more than needed. This means that I am getting a healthy amount of exercise and staying health.

4.2. Weaknesses: A weaknesses in my activities is that I could be doing to much. This can easily effect my sleeping schedule can be reason why I'm not getting a good amount of sleep.

4.3. Improving: I could improve my activities by making sure i'm doing enough exercise but balance it out with school work and relaxing time.