if you have friends, family or you smoke, please take a look and read it please tell your friends about this if they smoke

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Smoking by Mind Map: Smoking

1. leads to...

1.1. Bad breath

1.1.1. You are going to kill your love ones with you breath...PE YOU!!

1.2. Yellow teeth and nails

1.2.1. Do you look hansome/Pretty Now?

1.3. Rincles

1.3.1. Do you look young after smoking? I don't think so.

1.4. sadness in family

1.4.1. there are sadness becourse smoking will kill you, in that case death...

2. some ressons why people smoke...

2.1. friends do it

2.2. family members does it

2.3. want to "realive" stress

2.3.1. some people think smoking realives stress

2.4. want to be more prettier/hansome

3. if your friends ask you to smoke, you don't want to and don't know what to say, this will help you...

3.1. Just say NO.

3.2. Hang around with smoke-free friends

3.3. Suggest something else

3.4. Give a reasons about why you don't want to smoke.

3.5. Add some humour

3.6. Stand up for yourself

3.7. Reverse the pressure

4. Videos...Don't miss this part... watch every video or just the first one is your choice... remember to watch it finish...Best is you watch it all... Becourse it all will help you...





5. better things than smoking

5.1. fresh air is better

5.2. be yourself and learn to like your looks