Top Ten Productivity Tools (for Information Workers)

Top 10 Productivity Tools for Information Workers

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Top Ten Productivity Tools (for Information Workers) by Mind Map: Top Ten Productivity Tools (for Information Workers)

1. Trade IT

2. Snagit

2.1. Capture and Edit Screens

2.2. Does scrolling screen captures

2.3. Create How-To Sheets and Training Docs

2.4. Video Capture

3. Mind Mapping with MindMeister

3.1. Mind Mapping

3.2. Project Planning

3.2.1. Agile

3.2.2. Traditional Waterfall

3.3. Brainstorming

3.4. Business Planning

3.5. Event Planning

3.6. Marketing Campaign Planning

3.7. More About Mindmeister

4. Microsoft OneNote

4.1. Freeform Notes

4.2. Outlook Integration

4.3. Draw/write and Record notes

4.4. Syncs Across Devices

4.5. Integrates with Teams

4.6. Search across multiple notebooks

4.7. Get with Office 365 or Free Version

5. Microsoft Teams

5.1. Create teams across departments and even countries

5.2. Integration with SharePoint

5.3. Great for ad hoc skype meetings

5.4. Manage and curate project docs/tasks/plans

5.5. Works even for solo-preneurs

6. Y-Productive

6.1. Focus Mode Stops Distractions

6.2. Keep track of productive and unproductive time

6.3. Plan, Manage and Report on Tasks and Project Activity

7. Affinity Photo

7.1. Quickly Crop & Resize Images

7.2. Fast Cut-outs

7.3. Supports lots of graphics formats

7.4. Simple to use for basic editing tasks

7.5. Supports Layers

7.6. Windows & MAC versions

7.7. No Subs - one off Purchase

8. DropBox

8.1. Share files with external stakeholders

8.2. Keeps external users out of your corporate domain

8.3. Popular, so familiar to many

8.4. Just seems to work

9. Seth Godin's ShipIT Notebook

9.1. Great Quality Notebook

9.2. Includes helpful prompts to get your project done and delivered!

9.3. Benefits of writing over typing

9.4. Get it at MOO

10. Grammarly

10.1. Checks spelling, grammar and writing style

10.2. Chrome extension for blog posts, social media, etc.

10.3. Much better than standard spell check

10.4. Saves lots of time proofing when you are working to a deadline

10.5. Saves some howlers if you struggle with spelling or grammar!

10.6. Works with MS Word & Outlook too


11.1. Automate Tasks based on conditional statements

11.2. Great for posting content to Social Media

11.3. Lots of ready made recipes to use