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Behaviorism by Mind Map: Behaviorism

1. "Stimulus response"

2. increase probability that the antecedent behavior will happen again

2.1. however

2.1.1. punishment positive negative

3. is

3.1. learning is a change in observable behaviour caused by external stimuli in the environment

4. claims

4.1. that observable behaviour indicates whether or not the learner has learned something, and not what is going on in the learner’s head.

4.1.1. however some educators claim that not all learning is observable and there is more to learning than a change in behavior.

5. strategies

5.1. can be used to teach the what (facts)

6. sees

6.1. mind as a black box, in the sense that a response to a stimulus can be observed quantitatively, thereby ignoring the effect of thought processes occurring in the mind.

6.1.1. therefore looks at overt behaviours that can be observed and measured as indicators of learning

7. in an online environment

7.1. learners

7.1.1. should be told the explicit outcomes of the learning so they can set expectations and judge for themselves whether or not they have achieved the outcome of the online lesson.

7.1.2. must be tested to determine whether or not they have achieved the learning outcome.

7.1.3. must be provided with feedback so that they can monitor how they are doing and take corrective action if required.

7.2. learning materials

7.2.1. must be sequenced appropriately to promote learning. The sequencing could take the form of simple to complex, known to unknown, and knowledge to application.

8. assumes

8.1. learner is passive

8.2. responds to environmental stimuli

8.3. learner starts with a clean slate

8.4. behavior is shaped through positive or negative reinforcement

8.4.1. positive reinforcement is indicates the application of a stimulus

8.4.2. negative reinforcement is withholding of the stimulus

9. decreases the likelihood that the antecedent behavior will happen again