Advantages and disadvantages of living in a culturally diverse society

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Advantages and disadvantages of living in a culturally diverse society by Mind Map: Advantages and disadvantages of living in a culturally diverse society

1. Firstly,living in a culturally diverse society allows the people to appreciate and understands others races culture and traditions,thus promoting racial harmony and prevents any form of racial conflicts and misunderstandings

1.1. People living in culturally diverse societies will interact with people of other races that have a different traditional and culture backgrounds.Thus when connecting and interacting with them through conversation in daily life allows them to understand cultures of other races and even appreciate them by joining the traditional celebrations with their friend of other races.

1.1.1. For example, in a culturally diverse society like Singapore.The people there celebrates traditional celebrations of different races.During the racial harmony day , students are encourage to learn other races' culture and schools also invite traditional dance performers to put a a dance for the students ro appreciate and watch.The adults of one race may celebrate celebrations of other races as their friend of that race may invite them to celebrate with them.

2. Secondly,culture diversity helps a country to progress and develop much faster than a society with a single race.

2.1. People that come from different culture backgrounds are raise differently thus they have a different view of a situation.When people from different races come together to solve and problem or to develop something,they can contribute their own ideas and disagreeing with others since they have different thinking processes.This making the discussion more productive and counter the problem in different angles.This helps to make things progress faster.

2.1.1. For example,Singapore being a third world country in 1960s and a county without directions or hope after it separation with Malaysia,progresses exponentially in the past 53 years.Now ,it is a economy powerhouse and a first world country .All this is due a its founding fathers.The founding g=fathers of Singapore comes from different races and culture backgrounds.Mr LEE Kuan Yew is a Chinese and Mr S.Rajaratnam is an Indian .They contribute their ideas they learned from their culture and use it to develop the Singapore now.

3. However one disadvantage of a culturally diverse society is that it will result in racial disputes.

3.1. When people of different races come together ,there a chance that they will have different ideas and thought, thus conflicts and misunderstanding will arise.Some race also think that they are more superior and thus wanting to wipeout people of the other races .

3.1.1. One example is the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar.The Rohingya are of a minority group in Myanmar and the people in Myanmar are mostly Buddhist but the Rohingya are Muslims .Thus the people of Myanmar want to keep them out of the country and started to use violence on them in order to force them out of the mostly buddiest country .This leads to mast killing of the Rohingya.