GTD Master and Commander

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GTD Master and Commander by Mind Map: GTD Master and Commander

1. Control

1.1. Getting Things Done

1.1.1. Collect Ideas Actions Reminders Others Capture OVERCAPTURE mindsweep brainstorming jouranling pad and paper PDA

1.1.2. Process Do it if it's a 2 minute or less task Delegate it Postpone it if it does not require action, store if appropriate for future reference Clarify What is Desired Outcome What is next Action

1.1.3. Organize Define action items and group them into projects Organize Categories

1.1.4. Review Review organized action items Short Term Goals Goal Goal Goal Long Term Goals Goal Goal Goal Reflect

1.1.5. Do Action Item Action Item Action Item Action Item Action Item

2. Perspective

2.1. Purpose & Values

2.2. Visions derived from Purpose

2.2.1. What fits temperment

2.2.2. What fits ambitions

2.2.3. What fits talents

2.2.4. What creates enthusiasm

2.3. Goals derived from Visions

2.3.1. what do I want to be true Examples How do I want to make My money Where do I want to Live What Kind of Relationships Standard of Living How do I want to spend my time

2.3.2. Determine level that must achieved so satisfaction is accomplished i.e. what does physically fit MEAN ? i.e. How much money is enough ? i.e. What areas need more focus than others to be on track. Different times of life require different amount of focus

2.4. Areas of Focus created from Goals

2.4.1. Health Physical Related Projects Actions

2.4.2. Wealth Wealth Related Projects Next Actions

2.4.3. Relationships Relationships Related Projects Next Actions

2.4.4. Intellectual Mental Related Projects Next Actions

3. Engagment Factors

3.1. Action Options

3.1.1. Ad Hoc

3.1.2. Pre-Defined

3.1.3. Defining Opitons

3.2. Limiting Factors

3.2.1. Context

3.2.2. Time Available

3.2.3. Resources Available