Evaluation Question 7

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Evaluation Question 7 by Mind Map: Evaluation Question 7

1. Editing

1.1. When editing our Preliminary task we made sure that the sound of the door was matching the match on action which helped us quite a bit because the sound was perfectly matched in the film. When editing we had to ensure that certain scenes were not cut out otherwise the film would not make sense.

1.2. When editing our Final Thriller we added sound effects in as well as flashes to resemble the gun shots of the film to make it more interesting. Also with this film we edited in the cinema bars to give the audience the feel as if they are in the cinema watching the film. We also made sure that while editing that we did not make any continuity errors so that the film would look like a cinema film.

1.3. For both the Final thriller and Preliminary Task we made sure that there was many quick cuts to resemble both films. We also made sure that both films contained footage which was carefully edited so that we did not cut out very important parts of the scenes.

2. Ideas

2.1. When we were brainstorming for our Preliminary Task we thought about our last two films which we made and decided on making a prologue to it so that people can find out how the story began to Gemma becoming a psychopath and how she vows to a revenge plan on Megan.

2.2. When we were brainstorming for our Final Thriller we came up with 3 ideas to begin with and then we decided on our first idea with the assassination of Victoria and turned it into our final thriller.

3. Planning

3.1. When planning for our Preliminary task we used a storyboard and discussed what we wanted and then turned it into a storyboard and planned out what we were gonna do with sound and angled shots so that helped us by filming what shots we wanted and what sounds we wanted too.

3.2. When planning for our Final thriller it consisted of 6 planning documents which were Treatment, Location sheet, Risk Assessment, Costume and Props list, shot list and shooting schedule. We made all of our plans for the film on these documents to help us figure out what we are wearing and where to film the film itself. We also did these plans to ensure that we are filming on time as well as making sure that it was finished.

4. Filming

4.1. When filming our Preliminary task we stuck to the 180 degree rule as well as ensuring that our film did not have any continuity errors . We filmed each angle separately, However there was a mistake in the film that should be improve due to Victoria not stopping while walking to get the eye-line match.

4.2. When we filmed our Thriller opening we made everything more precise and kept reminding each other about continuity as well as a range of shots for each scene. We also ensured that there was not to be any improvements however the sound quality for the monologue voice was distorted.

4.3. Overall for both of them we need to make some improvements on them to ensure that our mark can be at the highest. With both of them we put a lot of time and effort into making the films to ensure that it was good enough to be shown online. They both showed a variety of emotions as well as angle shots to ensure that the person's attention is grabbed.