Unit 4: How the news shapes society

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Unit 4: How the news shapes society by Mind Map: Unit 4: How the news shapes society

1. 1. Where do you get the news?

1.1. Media effects

1.1.1. Priming associations with the subject

1.1.2. Agenda setting WHICH gate keeping

1.1.3. Framing HOW the way it is told

1.1.4. Cultivation reality-fiction/ stories of everything

2. 2. Who pulls the strings?

2.1. 19th century

2.1.1. political parties control over publishing

2.2. End of 20th century

2.2.1. nothing left

2.2.2. advertising independent objective information looks free internet personal advertising

3. 3. The role of advertising

3.1. Who owns the media?

3.1.1. media moguls

3.1.2. influencing a lot of people

3.1.3. dangerous power to help

3.2. Advertising in the media

3.2.1. verbs to express what you see in graphs

3.2.2. interpreting graphs

4. 4. How the news is sold to us

4.1. cry for attention

4.1.1. three little pigs to motivate people to wark hard 1929 stock crash 2008 financial crisis

4.1.2. phrasal verbs

5. digital advertising is increasing

6. The medium is the message

6.1. M. Mcluhan

6.1.1. communication scientist

7. The way you say something is more important than what you are actually saying

8. Rupert Murdoch

8.1. Mediatycoon

8.1.1. tycoon, mogul, magnate powerful women/man

8.2. Changed news

8.2.1. headlines sensational controversial

8.2.2. Tabloid format

8.3. Critics

8.3.1. hacking voicemails

8.4. secret meetings

8.4.1. politicians