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1. Resources

1.1. Project Manager

1.2. Team Members

1.3. Budget

1.4. Assets

2. Scope

2.1. What is included

2.2. What is excluded

3. Schedule

3.1. Project Start

3.1.1. Project specifications

3.1.2. End User requirements

3.1.3. Action points sign-off

3.2. Phase 1

3.2.1. Top Priorities

3.2.2. Medium Priorities

3.2.3. Low Priorities

3.3. Phase 2

3.3.1. Top Priorities

3.3.2. Medium Priorities

3.3.3. Low Priorities

3.4. Phase 3

3.4.1. Top Priorities

3.4.2. Medium Priorities

3.4.3. Low Priorities

4. Constraints

4.1. Budget

4.1.1. Materials

4.1.2. Personnel

4.1.3. Services

4.1.4. Duration

4.2. Deadline

4.3. Requirements

5. Overview

5.1. Motivation

5.1.1. SAGITAZ Corp is 100% focused in ZOHO business

5.1.2. Our own customers need these high quality services

5.1.3. We want to be recognized by market as leader

5.1.4. We want to work World Wide

5.2. Goals

5.2.1. Economical Benefits Reduce the amount of support tickets Simplify the support task using as KnowledgeBase Increase cross selling Improve the partners qualification

5.2.2. Customer Loyalty Increasing Loyalty Increasing happiness about product Make sure that customer values the tools updates Complete the service portfolio

5.2.3. Academical Benefits Standardize the level of knowledge Update the knowledge of company users

5.3. Deliverables

5.3.1. Marketing 30 promotional events World Wide How ZOHO will boost your business? Colaboration in ZOHOLICS Free updated Udemy courses ZOHO CRM Certified Consultant Grant to companies in Spain up to 100% of cost

5.3.2. Academical 1000 students from Oct17-Jun18 Focus on English and Spanish spoken users Tasks, exercices, exams, case studies, etc 40 hours video content 12 online sessions in live streaming 300 hours studied per each student about ZOHO Sales&Marketing tools eBook Official certifications by University Of Valencia Dedicated LMS

5.4. Background

5.4.1. ZOHO Creator Postgraduate Editions 1st edition at 2016 2nd edition at 2017 3rd edition canceled 35 students 5 partners 30 ZOHO customers 12 countries 350 hours studied per student 2 real applications developed per student 1 NGO involved 3.000 families were helped

5.4.2. Udemy 11 Courses 3 languages 1.500 students during launching

5.4.3. Complete Postgraduate Plan Sales&Marketing / Finance / Zoho Creator

5.4.4. SAGITAZ 30 people 100% focused on ZOHO ZOHO Creator developers Product Manager Sales team Marketing team Support team Some of most famous ZOHO Case Studies 8 videos done by ZOHO Marketing team Pending to be published by ZOHO the "Jive success story" Richard David - TekTextil Early Adopters We worked of first video Case Study done by ZOHO - TekTextil We made first BIG app in ZOHO Creator which become public - TekTextil We are working in ZOHO Marketplace

5.5. Main Needs

5.5.1. Economical 1.000 students Main part of the costs has to be paid by enrollments revenues

5.5.2. Marketing Posts Mailings Banners AdWords etc.

5.5.3. Co-managment