Week 5.2 Discussion Forum

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Week 5.2 Discussion Forum by Mind Map: Week 5.2 Discussion Forum

1. Chapter 7- Talk Pals

1.1. Ms. Stefani used Skype to communicate with Mrs. Ortiz's class in Spain. The classes evaluated traditional and alternative fairy tales. During the first Skype session the classes read and discussed "The Three Little Pigs". The second session the focus was on "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs". At the end of the second Skype session, the teachers both communicated to the students that they would be learning about plot. Skype allowed the students to communicate and learn with students from across the world.

1.1.1. "...the transformation had truly engaged her class in ways that had never happened when she taught this unit in the past" (Hale, 2015).

2. Resources

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3. Project Based Learning

3.1. "These methods include developing a focused question, using solid, well crafted performance assessments,allowing for multiple solutions, enlisting community resources, and choosing engaging, meaningful themes for projects" (M, n.d.).

3.1.1. When first looking at project based learning, I thought it would be to hard for third graders. After further investigation, I found where a first grade teacher had used PBL in her classroom. Her students noticed that a type of frog had become a "species of concern", so they formulated their driving question "How can we help save the yellow legged frog?" The class partnered with local agencies to lend insight into the matter. After reading how PBL was implemented in a first grade classroom, I am interested to implement it into one of my lessons.

4. Implementing to improve instruction

4.1. Implementing project based learning into my classroom will allow me to improve instruction because students are learning skills that they will be able to use later in life. They are learning how to use digital resources and community resources to answer questions and gather information. I think we are too quick to give our students the information. They need to be taught how to find what they need, and they need to be encouraged on finding their resources rather than being told.

5. Personal integration

5.1. Around Christmas time we teach a Christmas Around the World unit. Our students get to learn how students in other countries celebrate the holiday. If we could find classes in the countries we study that would be willing to Skype with our class and share traditions and ways their families celebrate it would make the unit more meaningful to our students. This would help our students realize and understand cultural differences.

6. Supports philosophy

6.1. Project Based Learning supports my philosophy of learning, because I believe that as an educator it is my job to equip my students with the skills and knowledge they will need and use in the future. Project Based Learning is teaching students skills they will use after high school. It is a great foundation to carry with them into their careers. The majority of my students will enter the workforce after high school, so they need to have the skills necessary to succeed.