My IOLS Finish Line

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My IOLS Finish Line by Mind Map: My IOLS Finish Line

1. STEP ONE - Foundation for Online Education

2. Outcomes in Summary

2.1. Understanding learning tools

2.2. Ability to design course content

2.2.1. Understanding tools and its affordainces

2.3. Relate with community of Practice on Online learning.

3. Tools used

3.1. Sites: Google site, Google new site, Canvas,

3.2. Games: Kahoot, Quizzelet, Jeopardy

3.3. Presentations: Prezi, Microsoft Power point, Google slides

3.4. Documents: Microsoft Word, Google Docs

3.5. Video: Voice thread, Adope Spark, Youtube, Camtasia Studeo

3.6. Audio: Audacity, Camtasia Studio

4. Program Goals

4.1. Global engagement in Integrated Technology

4.1.1. Certified as a mentor and completion of Masters Program.

4.2. Increase advocacy with stakeholders

4.2.1. Share Best practice in online education.

4.3. Understand online content design and how this relates to learning outcomes

5. Discussion

5.1. Communication and Social Interactions

5.2. Discussion board

5.3. Wiki platform

5.3.1. Google collaborative docs

5.4. Hangout

6. Outcomes: What is online learning, type of online learning, Art of communication, Model of Online learning

6.1. EDIT 760 & 761

6.2. EDIT 644

7. STEP 2: Tools for Learning online

8. Focusing attention on Tools and and its affordance, Quality of online Learning, facilitating online presence

8.1. EDIT 762

8.1.1. EDIT 763

8.2. EDIT 765

9. STEP 3 : Designs with a Difference. Learning Outcomes

10. Being in mind online actors and social presence. The third Idea was to build on creating online content with your design document, understanding online presence and social interactions

10.1. Edit 768

10.2. EDIT 766

11. STEP 4 : Practical Designs in action

12. Learning Outcomes: Student are able to design online live lessons, understanding the audience ( social presence), tools affordance ( online tools), methodology and approach.

12.1. EDIT 791

12.2. EDIT 767

13. STEP 5: Coming Together

14. Learning Outcomes: Every content at this point must come together to make meaningful learning useful. Harmonizing all the contents in the documents and creating final student portfolio.