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Technologies by Mind Map: Technologies

1. Swivl

1.1. Problems, needs or opportunities in education it could resolve

1.1.1. Allows those not attending to view videos at own time

1.1.2. self reflection/evaluation

1.1.3. Improvement of practices

1.1.4. targeted learning, e.g. intrinsic motivation, etc.

1.2. Support social learning?

1.2.1. Could be used as flipped learning (before & after classes)

1.2.2. Collective evaluation of practices

1.2.3. Collaborative online learning

2. Seppo

2.1. engagement

2.1.1. reponding to the tasks

2.2. collaborative learning takes place which is helpful to engage all students and share learning

2.3. problem solving

2.4. interesting

2.4.1. by games

2.5. motivating

2.5.1. gaining points

2.6. instant feedback

2.6.1. by the teacher

2.7. improves creativity

2.7.1. through games

2.8. implementation of knowledge

2.8.1. doing the activity

3. Drones

3.1. Integrate with real time construction and collobarate in Class

3.2. Real time Land Mapping and Hazard analysis linking GIS Class Collaboration

3.3. Integrating with LIDAR, can show real time point cloud for model developing

3.4. Can show simultaneous Activities of Various Project Sites

3.5. Construction Health and Safety teaching in Class and Lesson Learned from Actual Activity

3.6. Space Utilization and Management

4. Go Pro Fusion

4.1. Indicate a problem

4.1.1. Memory storage management.

4.1.2. Upload/ download/editing could consume lot of time

4.1.3. Charging and handling in workshop environments. risks of damaging.

4.1.4. No real time broadcasting

4.2. Need or Opportunity in education

4.3. Can provide POV (Person of view) video style for learning as personalized experience

4.4. Recording time leaps for projects (perhaps, building house, Rebuilding an engine

4.5. Opportunities for recording dynamic environment to 360*

5. Virtual Reality

5.1. learn new skills such as sharing, spatial awareness, data visualisation and even developing new language skills.

5.2. explore an ancient building or learn about aspects of the human body

5.3. students can carry out activities which would be harmful or even impossible in the real world, for example, chemistry experiments