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Computers by Mind Map: Computers

1. Desktop

1.1. Characteristics

1.1.1. Personal computer that fits into a workspace

1.2. Advantages

1.2.1. Offer the most speed, power, and upgradability for the lowest cost.

1.3. Disadvantages

1.3.1. May be difficult to upgrade

2. Notebook/Laptop

2.1. Characteristics

2.1.1. Portable personal computers

2.2. Advantages

2.2.1. Come with built-in wireless networking capabilities

2.3. Disadvantages

2.3.1. Can cost significantly more than a desktop

3. Mobile

3.1. Characteristics

3.1.1. Portable, handheld computers used for business and entertainment

3.2. Advantages

3.2.1. Useful when carrying a regular notebook computer

3.3. Disadvantages

3.3.1. Apps can decrease battery life