Internet Technology: Network Basic

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Internet Technology: Network Basic by Mind Map: Internet Technology: Network Basic

1. Communication Device

1.1. Sending device

1.1.1. Communication device Transmission media Communication System

2. Types of Transmission Media

2.1. Wired Transmission media

2.1.1. Fibre-optic cable

2.1.2. Cable television

2.1.3. Telephone networks

2.2. Wireless Transmission Media

2.2.1. Cellular radio

2.2.2. Satellite

2.2.3. Broadcast radio

2.2.4. Microwaves

2.2.5. Bluetooth

2.2.6. Infrared

3. Advantages of Using A Network

3.1. Facilitating communications

3.2. Sharing software

3.3. Transferring funds

3.4. Facilitating communications

3.5. Sharing hardware

3.6. Sharing data and information

4. Disadvantages of Using Network

4.1. Viruses

4.2. Network Failure

4.3. Slow service

4.4. Cost

4.5. Expert support required

5. Network Architecture

5.1. Peer-to-peer

5.1.1. Characteristics Easy to install Equal responsibilities

5.2. Client-Server

5.2.1. Characteristics Network professionals needed High responsibilities for servers

6. Network Topology

6.1. Ring

6.1.1. Advantages Simple transmission of data Cable faults easily located

6.1.2. Disadvantages Failure in any cable break the loop Data packest must pass through every computer thus it becomes slower Difficult to install

6.2. Bus

6.2.1. Advantages Devices can be attached/ detached without disturbing the network Failure of one device does not affect the rest

6.2.2. Diisadvantages A break in the cable prevent all systems from accessing the network Difficult to identify problem if the entire network shutdown

6.3. Star

6.3.1. Advantages If one device fails, only that device is connected Devices can be added/removed with little disruption Easy to troubleshoot and isolate problem

6.3.2. Disadvantages if hub/switch fails Entire network inoperable Requires cable the most More expensice (cost of hub)

7. Network Classification

7.1. LAN

7.1.1. Area: Limited Computer Laboratory Campus

7.1.2. Advantages Easy to share devices Easy to share data

7.1.3. Disadvantages Power A good LAN should be ON all time Can reduce speed Area covered is limited

7.2. MAN

7.2.1. Area: Metropolitan City Town

7.2.2. Advantages Efficiency and shared access Residents have equal ability to go online

7.3. WAN

7.3.1. Area: Large geographical are Country World

7.3.2. Advantages Increase efficiency Ease communication Lowered costs

7.3.3. Disadvantages Security problems Training costs Maintenance porblems