Formative Assessment Tools By Katie King (Hoy)

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Formative Assessment Tools By Katie King (Hoy) by Mind Map: Formative Assessment Tools       By Katie King (Hoy)

1. Kahoot!

1.1. A game-based response system that gives students and teachers instant feedback. Points given for quickest and correct answer.

2. Google Forms

2.1. Teachers can use Forms to create quizzes, tests, etc. All answers are sent to the creator (teacher) of the form.

3. Plickers

3.1. A quick way to formatively assess in a one device classroom. Students have answer cards and the teacher can pick up their answers using their phone or tablet device.

4. Quia

4.1. Teachers can create games, quizzes, surveys, etc. Or they can use what other educators have already created.

5. Classkick

5.1. A place for teachers to post assignments. Both teachers and peers can give feedback to the posted assignments.

6. Quizlet

6.1. Teachers are able to create flashcards, quizzes, tests and study games for students to use. Accessible online or via a mobile device

7. Verso

7.1. A feedback tool that allows teachers to set up learning using a URL. The students download the app and respond to the assignment. The teacher can group the responses and check engagement levels.

8. AnswerGarden

8.1. Use it for real time polling, online brainstorming and classroom feedback.

9. Yacapaca

9.1. A simple way to create and assign quizzes.

10. Padlet

10.1. A virtual blank space for students to discuss a topic. They can add video, audio and pictures as well as written words.

11. Chatzy

11.1. A place to hold online conversations in private. It can be a place to post "exit tickets" and keep the conversation going after class ends.

12. Nearpod

12.1. Can be used as a response system, but takes that information to help create differentiated, interactive lessons.

13. Recap

13.1. A video-based formative assessment tool. It allows the teacher to pose a question and the students respond with a short video recorded on their phone. Then the teacher can provide feedback.

14. TodaysMeet

14.1. Another way to have a conversation online. Its a great way to have a conversation while you are showing a video. Students can respond to a question via their device.

15. PearDeck

15.1. Teachers can plan and build interactive presentations that students can participate in using their mobile devices.

16. Flubaroo

16.1. Use as an add-on with Google Forms. It helps quickly grade assessments in order for teachers to give feedback quickly to the students. It also allows you to run reports to gather student data.

17. Survey/Polling Tools

17.1. Obsurvey

17.1.1. Create surveys, polls, and questionnaires quickly and with ease.

17.2. PollDaddy

17.2.1. Teachers use to create quizzes, polls and surveys.

17.3. PollEverywhere

17.3.1. Teachers can create polls and ask questions. As students answer, teachers can see the results in real time.

17.4. Scattervox

17.4.1. A polling tool that makes questions 2-dimensiional by having respondents use quadrants for their response.