How to prevent foodborne illnesses

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How to prevent foodborne illnesses by Mind Map: How to prevent foodborne illnesses

1. What is a Foodborne illness ?

1.1. Foodborne illness is a illness caused by food contaminated with bacteria,viruses,parasites or toxins.

2. What are common sources of food that cause foodborne illnesses?

2.1. Raw food like meat,poultry,fish and Shellfish,eggs,unpasteurized milk, and dairy products.

3. What are common symptoms of foodborne illnesses?

3.1. The symptoms are cramping,nausea,vomiting.

4. What are some helpful tips to prevent foodborne illnesses?

4.1. Helpful tips to prevent foodborne illnesses is to wash your hands and cook meat all the way through and use a plastic cutting board instead of a wooden one.

5. What are five different types of foodborne illnesses?

5.1. Five different types of foodborne illnesses are Campylobacter,Salmonella,Giardia,Cryptosporidium and Listeria monocytogenes.

6. How are foodborne illnesses treated?

6.1. Foodborne illnesses are treated by going to a doctor and whatever you have they will give you medicine for it.

7. Are foodborne illnesses contagious? Why or why not?

7.1. There is only 1 type of foodborne illnesses thatis contagious its called Gastroenteritis and you can get it by sharing food,water, and by eating utensils.