Foodborne illness

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Foodborne illness by Mind Map: Foodborne illness

1. What is a foodborne illness?

1.1. a foodborne illness caused by food contaminated

2. What are common sources of food that cause foodborne illnesses? (name 5)

2.1. Raw chicken, Raw eggs, Raw milk, polluted water, raw meat.

3. What are common symptoms of foodborne illnesses? (name 3)

3.1. bloating, diarrhea, gagging

4. What are some helpful tips to prevent foodborne illnesses? (name 3)

4.1. Eat cooked food, drink clear water, eat cooked cookies.

5. What are five different types of foddborne illnesses?

5.1. Salmonellosis, Norovirus Infection, Listeriosis, Giardiasis, Escherichia coli

6. How are foodborne illnesses treated?

6.1. Diarrhea medication

7. Are foodborne illnesses contagious? Why or why not?

7.1. No it is not contagious it is only things that you eat is how you get sick.