MindMeisterLogos & Brand Guidelines

The following guidelines are designed to help you use MindMeister’s logo, trademarks and other branded content without needing permission. If the use you’re intending differs from the guidelines stated below, we ask you to contact and attach a screenshot or mockup to your query.

MindMeister Banners

You can embed the official MindMeister banners and logos in your own site or blog and show the world that you're a proud MindMeister affiliate. To get readily-made embed code for your site, use our Banner Wizard.

MindMeister Logo

You are welcome to download the following vector graphics and use them to link to MindMeister or represent our brand:

MindMeister Logo (b/w)
MindMeister Logo
MindMeister Logo (b/w)
MindMeister B/W Logo
MindMeister Icon
MindMeister Icon

MindMeister Colors

We ask you to use the official MindMeister colors when displaying our logo and trademarks:


Pink & Quotes



  • Clearly indicate that you are not the author or developer of MindMeister
  • Mention that your products or services are based on or affiliated with MindMeister
  • Use our logo to represent our brand
  • Name your website, product or service with something unique


  • Rotate the MindMeister logo
  • Change the color of the MindMeister logo
  • Use any other marks or logos to represent our brand
  • Use any other marks or logos in connection with embedded MindMeister maps
  • Use our trademarks or confusingly/deceptively similar marks in connection with any goods or services other than as specified by MindMeister
  • Use MindMeister in the name of your website, application or product
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