Increase Your Productivity With Mind Maps
MindMeister is a professional mind mapping software that’s both versatile and easy to use. Whether you’re a freelancer, a startup or a multinational enterprise, MindMeister can help you improve communication and foster a creative culture of innovation.

Improve Communication

Bring all your departments, global branches and suppliers to one meeting location. Keep everyone on the same page so nothing is ever overlooked.


Access anywhere

All web browsers and both Android or iOS devices are supported. There is no installation or plugins required. Benefit from the highest security standards & data encryption.


Share and Collaborate

Collaborate on your maps and see changes in real-time. High performance is maintained even with unlimited collaborators. Share mind maps openly and hassle-free.

Use Mind Maps for Your Business

Professional mind map software is a versatile tool that all departments in your company can utilize. Here are six of the most important mind mapping use cases for professionals:

Meeting Management

Project Planning

Client Work


Bring all participants onto the same page

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Your Benefits

Thousands of organizations and freelancers already benefit from using online mind maps for business. Here’s how a professional mind mapping software such as MindMeister can benefit your company too:

Efficient communication and collaboration

Good communication is one of the most important factors for the success of a business. With its big focus on online collaboration, MindMeister revolutionizes business communication, leading to a more focused team effort and faster, more substantial results.

Better overview, better decisions

Mind maps display connections, hierarchies and relationships between single topics. They literally enable to you to see the big picture of a situation or problem, which makes them ideal for decision making.

High Security

The MindMeister servers are located in an ISO-certified data center in Frankfurt, Germany. We provide 99.9% service uptime for our paid accounts.

Increased productivity

Mind maps help you comprehend and process information faster, resulting in more efficient planning and execution of tasks. Mind mapping can increase productivity by an average of 23%.

Case Studies

Real companies are achieving real results with MindMeister every day. Read their success stories to find out how they use MindMeister and what part mind map software plays in their success.

Case Study SAP


Computer Software

“We first started out using MindMeister through casual means, but it quickly became an indispensable tool for our projects.”

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Case Study MinneApp


Internet Marketing Service

By using MindMeister with their clients, MinneApp has reduced their turnaround times by 77%.

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Case Study Biggerplate


Internet Community

Biggerplate uses MindMeister and G Suite to effectively manage their remote team and reduce meeting times.

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Case Study Helen Crozier

Helen Crozier

Productivity Consultant

Using MindMeister, Helen is able to collaborate more efficiently with clients and increase her billable hours by 50%.

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Case Study Dave Maxfield

Dave Maxfield


“Mind mapping is great for lawyers because it lets them collect information, organize it in a meaningful way and turn it into a compelling case to present in court.”

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Case Study Ulistic


Marketing & IT Service Provider

“We are seeing our clients adopt MindMeister outside of their coaching program too. A true testament to the value that MindMeister brings to business owners.”

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Case Study Jürgen Schulze

Jürgen Schulze

Information Security Expert

“There is no mind mapping tool more sophisticated and user-friendly than MindMeister. I practically force it onto everyone I work with.”

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Case Study Johannes Epple

Johannes Epple


The author Johannes Epple uses MindMeister to brainstorm, create characters and develop his fictional stories. It’s even cured his writer’s block.

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Case Study JIPMER


Research Hospital

“With MindMeister, the clinical workflow appears more organized...It is great for clinical rounds and as a hand-over tool.”

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Case Study Dewaele


Estate Agency

The Dewaele Group uses MindMeister and G Suite for Work to improve their meeting and project management.

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Case Study ChatWork


Software Developer

ChatWork uses MindMeister to dramatically decrease meeting time and create in-house documents such as proposals and reports.

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Case Study Dream Harvest

Dream Harvest

Game Developer

The developer team at Dream Harvest use MindMeister to create game design documents and share their vision in a meaningful way.

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Case Study Harvey John

Harvey John

Recruitment Consultancy

Harvey John uses MindMeister and G Suite for Work to plan and design their new company website.

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Case Study Renshi


Consulting Group

Renshi uses MindMeister and G Suite for Work to improve performance of personnel and ­profitability for their clients’ businesses.

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Financial Planning Firm

“After a presentation with MindMeister people often come up to me and tell me how engaging it was, how easy they found it to follow my explanations because of the map.”

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Case Study Milligan Partners

Milligan Partners


“MindMeister’s main benefit is having everything on one page in a very professional, presentable way. The way it looks and operates is easy to understand for clients.”

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Case Study Pixum


Online Photo Service

Pixum has managed to increase meeting efficiency by 30% using MindMeister and G Suite for Work.

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Case Study Riser Biker Network

Riser Biker Network

Software Developer

"Using the collaborative apps from Google and MeisterLabs has saved us tremendous amounts of time and helped avoid misunderstandings. Without this workflow we wouldn’t have come as far as we have over the past year."

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Case Study Evoca



Evoca builds collaborative knowledge sharing platforms for their clients using MindMeister and G Suite.

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Case Study Eliška Cikán

Eliška Cikán

Office Manager

Eliška Cikán uses MindMeister for her work at edition a, an Austrian book publisher where she manages the entire office.

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Case Study Equitem


Client Liaison

Using MindMeister, MeisterTask and G Suite, Equitem help their clients to achieve financial peace of mind.

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Case Study Grupo JHR

Grupo JHR

Project Management

Grupo JHR use MindMeister, MeisterTask and G Suite apps to manage projects collaboratively across their four different businesses and offices.

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Case Study LiveBy


Product Development

LiveBy manage their product development, from design to implementation, using MindMeister, MeisterTask and G Suite.

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Case Study IT Enterprise

IT Enterprise

Bespoke Software Solutions

IT Enterprise use MindMeister and Atlassian tools to provide software solutions which meet 100% of their clients’ requirements.

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Case Study LearningManager



The LearningManager team uses MindMeister's integration with Confluence to efficiently collaborate with clients and keep everyone on the same page.

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Case Study Rare Carat

Rare Carat

Tech Startup

The diamond startup Rare Carat uses MindMeister's integration in Confluence to organize knowledge and keep their globally distributed team on the same page.

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Case Study CREA Mont Blanc

CREA Mont Blanc

Environmental NGO

CREA Mont Blanc use MindMeister and MeisterTask to investigate the effects of global warming in their region.

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Case Study ESEB


Housing NGO

ESEB use MindMeister, MeisterTask and G Suite to provide safe and environmentally-friendly housing for families across Europe.

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Case Study Jasmine Powers

Jasmine Powers

Marketing Agency Founder

Jasmine Powers uses MindMeister and G Suite to plan and implement effective content marketing strategies.

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Case Study BigBangThemes


Software Startup

BigBangThemes uses MindMeister and MeisterTask to manage their distributed team and never miss a deadline.

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Case Study NewOrbit


Software Product Partner

NewOrbit uses MindMeister and MeisterTask to deliver outstanding Agile software projects.

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Case Study Event Design Collective

Event Design Collective

Event Design & Training

Connecting a global team and clientele using MindMeister and G Suite.

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Features and Pricing

MindMeister is no one-size-fits-all solution. Compare MindMeister’s different plans to find out which one is exactly right for you.


Up to 3 mind maps. Share. Collaborate. Import.

* all prices per user when paid annually and excluding Sales Tax

Basic includes
Mind mapping with:

Up to 3 mind maps
Real-time collaboration
Email support
Multiple team members


For individuals and use in personal projects

per month

Personal includes
Everything in Basic, and:

Unlimited mind maps
File and image attachments
PDF export
Image export
Mind map printing
Admin account

Best Value


For top-notch mind mapping, alone or in teams

per month

Pro includes
Everything in Personal, and:

Word export
PowerPoint export
Google Workspace for domains sign-on


For enterprise users and mapping enthusiasts

per month

Business includes
Everything in Pro, and:

Groups within your team
Compliance exports and backups
Custom team domain
Priority email & phone support
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