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MindMeister is a collaborative online mind mapping software that’s both versatile and easy to use. Students of all ages can utilize MindMeister to study more efficiently, unleash their creative potential and get ahead in their educational career.

Study Efficiently

Mind mapping enables you to learn faster, take better notes and brainstorm more effectively. Whether you’re writing a paper or working on a group project - mind mapping will help you save tremendous amounts of time!


Collaborate Online

Share your maps with groups of students or whole classrooms at once. Brainstorm and collaborate on maps in real-time. Comment and vote on ideas or discuss them in the integrated chat.


Easy Access

MindMeister runs in any standard web-browser, on Chromebooks, iOS and Android devices. Students can work on their maps from home, school and even on the go to seamlessly link their classroom and homework activities.


Mind Mapping for Education

Students and teachers can utilize this simple and effective method both inside the classroom and at home. Here are four of the most important uses of mind mapping in education:


Take Better Notes


Engage & Collaborate


Research & Write


Create Presentations

Write less. Retain more.

  • Take more efficient notes in class
  • Visualize hierarchies and connections between topics
  • Use mental triggers to retain information more easily
  • Add notes, links, attachments, images and videos to topics
  • Search and filter your maps for quick revision
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Benefits of Mind Mapping for Students

Online mind mapping is a simple yet powerful tool that can greatly benefit students of all ages. The best part? With MindMeister, studying doesn’t even feel like work!


Improved Memory & Recall

Mind maps are full of mental triggers that help your brain comprehend and store concepts more easily. You’ll take less notes, need fewer revisions and still retain more facts than you would with linear notes!


Free Flow of Ideas

Because you mostly use keywords, images and short phrases in mind maps, you can jot down thoughts a lot faster than usual. This free flow of ideas will help you brainstorm creative writing assignments and solve brainteasers.


Structured Information

Mind maps can store and structure vast amounts of information. They display hierarchy, show relationships between single topics and enable you to see the “big picture” at a glance. This also makes them ideal for summarizing texts.


Better Communication

Cloud-based mind mapping helps foster collaboration between students and allows for a more efficient communication between teachers and students. Even the most complex problem is quickly visualized and explained with a map!

Case Studies

Thousands of teachers and students all over the world use MindMeister to raise student achievement. Get inspired by their success stories and find out how you too can get ahead!

Case Study Danny Cayelli

Danny Cayelli


Danny uses MindMeister to organize his reading comprehension assignments. With it, he is improved his grades from F to B.

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Case Study Donna Nicholson Arnott

Donna Nicholson Arnott


MindMeister helps Donna to process large amounts of information and continue climbing up the academic tree despite her learning difficulty.

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Case Study Anthony Valentin

Anthony Valentin

High School Teacher

Anthony Valentin uses MindMeister to engage students, foster critical thinking in the classroom and improve test scores.

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Case Study Part Time Scientists

Part Time Scientists

Science Team

The Part Time Scientists use MindMeister to bring everyone in their dispersed team onto the same page, share data and eliminate duplicate work.

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Case Study International School of Geneva

International School of Geneva

High School

The International School of Geneva has added MindMeister to their G Suite to improve students' learning experience.

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Case Study British International School of New York

British International School of New York

N-8 School

The British International School of New York uses MindMeister and G Suite to aid with formative assessments in advance of end-of-year exams.

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Case Study UWCSEA


K-12 School

The United World College in South East Asia fulfills its learning principles with the help of MindMeister and G Suite for Education.

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Case Study Nancy Morris

Nancy Morris

Lecturer & Teacher Trainer

Nancy Morris uses MindMeister and G Suite to deliver engaging teaching.

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Features and Pricing

MindMeister offers substantial discounts for teachers and students. Compare MindMeister’s various educational plans to find out which one is exactly right for you.

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Up to 3 mind maps. Share. Collaborate. Import.


Basic includes
Mind mapping with:

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Up to 3 mind maps

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Real-time collaboration

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Email support

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For individuals and use in personal projects

per month

Edu Personal includes
Everything in Basic, and:

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Unlimited mind maps

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File and image attachments

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Image export

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PDF export

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Mind map printing

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For top-notch mind mapping, alone or in teams

per user, per month

Edu Pro includes
Everything in Edu Personal, and:

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Multiple team members

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Admin account

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G Suite for domains sign-on

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Word export

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PowerPoint export

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Export presentation as PDF

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Custom styles and boundaries

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Custom themes for your maps

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Best Value


For schools and universities. Minimum purchase: 20 licenses

per user, per month

Edu Campus includes
Everything in Edu Pro, and:

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Groups within your team

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Compliance exports and backups

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Custom team domain

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Multiple team administrators

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Priority email & phone support

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