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2018 af Mind Map: 2018

1. Job Hunt

1.1. Newfoundland Theatres in St. Johns

1.1.1. Live with Gma & Gpa

1.2. Regina's Globe Theatre

1.2.1. Commute from Moose Jaw

1.3. Regina's Sask Express Company

1.3.1. Commute from Moose Jaw

1.4. Toronto Theaters Production Assistant

1.5. Saskatoon's Theatres

1.5.1. If in summer - stay with Dad

1.6. Get in touch with Dawn/Sheldon in BC

1.7. Join Equity - For Stage Management area

1.8. Join IATSE?

1.8.1. What local ?

2. Finances

2.1. Earn money of my own to not rely so much on parents

2.2. Learn to do taxes

2.3. Learn about the insurance

2.4. Learn about the benefits

2.5. Keep putting money in the interest savings fund every circuit of years.

2.6. If joining the Unions - being able to pay the dues & still make a living.

3. Travel Wishes

3.1. Newfoundland

3.1.1. Visit Gma & Gpa

3.2. Ottawa

3.2.1. Visit old friends

3.3. BC

3.3.1. Visit Family & Old friends

3.4. England

3.4.1. Visit Family

3.5. California/Hollywood

3.5.1. Visit Cousins & tour their work space on movie sets // get in the know of the industry through them & their friends.

3.6. New Brunswick

3.6.1. Visit Best Friend

4. Primary Living Considerations

4.1. Stay with parents in Moose Jaw

4.1.1. Free Rent

4.1.2. Free Groceries

4.1.3. Close to Family

4.1.4. See Sister & Nephew - able to watch him grow & be apart of the activities

4.2. Move to Newfoundland?

4.2.1. Stay with Gma & Gpa Free Rent Free Groceries A sense of Home Downside - further away from immediate family Required to Fly to MJ = Flights are expensive

4.2.2. Can go exploring and find new adventures.

4.2.3. Lots of extended family live in the area.

4.3. Depending on the area outside of these two places - may have extended family or people I've worked with before able to provide a room to stay in.

5. Organizing

5.1. Start the habit of saving everything

5.1.1. get containers with specific spots to put all receipts in

5.2. Search information about the Equity & IATSE Unions

5.2.1. Ability to maintain a job regards to availability in both?