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My Net Work af Mind Map: My Net Work

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1.1. My Mom Because She always help's me with what ever I need help with.

1.2. My Dad he always teaches me new things everything and helps me repair stuff that break around the house.

1.3. My Twin brother, he is always nice and helpful too me when I ask for help

1.4. My Friend Nazar, When he asks for help ill help him, if I ask for help he will help me.

1.5. My Uncle David, He helps us out a lot when we need help building stuff at our house.

2. My Oldest brother, He helps me with sports and other such things around my house.

2.1. My Oldest sister, She helps me with my school work and other such things around the house.

2.2. My Sister, she helps me out the most with my school work and with some of my sports that I play.

2.3. My Friend Chloe, she helps me out with school stuff and I help her too with her troubles that she has at school or with friends.

2.4. My Friend Andrea's, He is very good at fixing our cars so wee help him cut wood and all other kind of stuff.

3. My Family Friend Daniel, He is very good at working on motors so in return we help him build stuff around the house.

3.1. Family friend Henry, Family Friend I have helped him with fixing his boat and he has helped my dad with working on our quad.

3.2. Family Friend Tayler, He is the best mechanic on car's, he fixed my older brothers can and we helped him with working on his kitchen

3.3. My Good Friend, Harjas he helps me mostly with my school work and I help him with his other classes that he needs help with.

3.4. My Family Friend Spencer he helps me with buying stuff very cheap that are usually expensive and in return we fix his house.