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STEM Education af Mind Map: STEM Education

1. Paige: I am not sure I agree with the statement "Dictatorship comes to mind with STEM education" because that is not where all dictators come from. I would more likely say that dictators come in the form of politicians and businessmen. Liberal education and STEM do not contribute to the creation of dictators, they both are only areas of learning. Just because a dictator might be a mathematician or an author does not mean that they were made dictators through their education. I am more likely to believe that they had that mindset before going into their chosen field, and only used their education to become a dictator. So, you cannot blame the education of someone for THEIR behavior, I would instead blame their upbringing and their character/personality as a human being.

1.1. Correct Paige. It is one's environment, fear and insecurities, and other factors that create dictatorship. I personally believe education is meant to change people to the better and become productive citizens. Dr. Shehadeh

2. Tuan: The backbone of an economy lies in the innovation and the STEM sector is a major factor in this innovation. Students who follow the STEM approach have outstanding advantages such as: scientific knowledge, technical, technological and mathematical certainty, creativity, logical thinking, and academic performance, and work excellently, have the opportunity to develop more comprehensive soft skills while not feeling heavy, overwhelmed for students. I am glad that choosing computer science program. STEM education will narrow the gap between theory and practice. As an international student, I have a change to work up to 29 months in the U.S after graduation. But this does not mean I deny the importance of other majors.

2.1. Hi Tuan, STEM education is important nowadays, but we cannot deny the fact that liberal arts education is also important, as you said. I majored in English and education and I always tell my students that when you study literature, you get to study the different historical, social, religious, and political factors in a specific era. Dr. Shehadeh

3. Argue For it!

4. Argue Against it!

4.1. Sarah Boshell: Education is so important. A STEM education is important but, art, music and history is probably more important. I wouldn't want to stifle a child that has artistic talent to make sure he new logarithms. Not all students are math students or science students. America has a great history of allowing people to choose and the freedom to become who they want. Could you imagine our lives without artwork of Jackson Pollock. Art makes the world better and it helps get our own creative juices flowing. I listen to classical music while I study or do my homework, it helps me focus. Some of the smartest people in the world were singers, artists, musicians, Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the doors had an IQ of 149. He was a beautiful poet, and his music proved it. How could we ever tell someone we will only teach you science, technology, engineering, and math? Dictatorship comes to mind with STEM education.

4.1.1. Thanks for your post, but what is your name? How do you think composition and diversity courses are relevant to today's workforce? Dr. Shehadeh Sarah.....sorry.

5. Paige: Although I understand the importance of STEM education, liberal education will always be important as well. There are many reasons why liberal education is important, and one of those is the creation of well-rounded individuals. What I mean by this is that, if students who work in STEM fields do not learn to use liberal methods like writing and being open to new ideas, then those students will only ever be logical beings. This is not necessarily bad, but in order to be a well-rounded person one must be open to their creative side as well. The creative side is what can broaden the mind to new ideas, and can be used to imagine something and then try to create it!

5.1. Hi Paige, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

5.2. Tuan: Even though I'm studying Computer Science, I don't deny the importance of the other educations. The value of the arts subjects should not be underestimated because it can actually bring a lot of benefits to the learner. One of the greatest benefits of art education for students is that it can really improve their study skills, critical thinking skills and creativity. All of those are needed to achieve academic excellence. Nothing can discover, develop creativity and imagination better than art education. Being able to pursuit passion, interest and desire can also develop self-esteem of students. I think the U.S doesn't force anyone to pursuit STEM education. They just encourage STEM, but still not eliminate liberal education. How students choose their path career is the freedom of themselves, no one can interfere this process.

5.2.1. Hi Tuan, both subjects should be required so students can get to choose from according to their preferences and interests. Dr. Shehadeh

6. Joe Marzouq: I do understand why STEM is important to a persons professional career post college, but it is also important to be able to be a good communicator as well. From personal experience, communication in the workforce is one of the most important skills to have. I have worked in finance, IT, and in construction and i have never used the pythagorean theorem, but i did have to give presentations on what our 3rd quarter initiatives were. If you are looking for a career in engineering or education teaching math, then yes STEM is what is going to make you shine but overall, communication and being able to manage personalities will make you a well rounded employee with attributes that management appreciate. With the recent technology boom, it is necessary to be tech savvy, but its very common for companies to train you specifically on how they want you to use their technologies. Cutting funding for students outside of STEM should not be encouraged.

6.1. Joe, thank you for your post! Do you think we should de-emphasize liberal arts courses? Why or why not? Dr. Shehadeh

6.1.1. I do not think we should de-emphasize liberal arts courses because it teaches what employers look for outside of a skill. Examples include critical thinking, problem solving, oral and written communications, diversity and other transferable skills Thank you for your response Joe. I agree with you that liberal arts courses are important for all students because they do need to learn critical analysis and communication skills :) Dr. Shehadeh