Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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PaRLinZ af Mind Map: PaRLinZ

1. Employee of goverment

1.1. working under CEO policy

1.2. TrY to use new technique in job

1.3. Do my R2R....nintendo wii

1.4. find a way to be goverment official

1.5. Promote myself and be good official

2. Dauther oF 2 FamiLy

2.1. MaiN oF Income FroM Me ( ReaL Mother and Real FamiLy)

2.1.1. Spend money for Mother 15000 B.

2.1.2. Response for brother by Gift in Special Day

2.1.3. Now i must to find big money for New house

2.2. I'm only Residents ,paY sometime (FamiLy in Law)

2.2.1. I live in their house and never pay money

2.2.2. I must to become find money to pay a loan by myself

2.2.3. I'm alway join with socail charity

2.2.4. Find a way to buy a new home for Dad and mom