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Basketball League Finder af Mind Map: Basketball League Finder

1. About Us

1.1. We do this because it's a hassle having to find basketball leagues, about me, my background and my experience with finding leagues for my age group

1.1.1. Pictures of basketball related stuff, QR code pamphlet and newsletter sign up

2. Leagues

2.1. Talk about powtoons and how it is useful

2.1.1. pictures of a basketball court and Powtoons animation. Has search button (will not do anything because website does not have the premium version to do search engine feature)

3. Contact Us/Course Projects

3.1. Fake email, phone number, work number and address

3.1.1. Links for emails, Links for coure project pages and an information fillout form

4. Find Location

4.1. Allows search for where people want to find a basketball league

4.1.1. There's a map for locating their local area and a search button that won't work

5. Home Page

5.1. Give information on what this cite is (helps find basketball leagues in their location for their age)( Statement of Purpose is here).

5.1.1. Pictures of basketball related things

5.1.2. Statement of purpose: Our goal here is to provide you with a fast and easy to use tool to find basketball leagues in your area. Filter leagues by location, age, skill level, time and season length. This makes the hassle of searching for a league a breeze. Now you can spend less time looking to play and spend more time actually doing it on the court. Let's HOOP!

6. Blog

6.1. Two posts about basketball experiences in a league. One includes a stepback and jumpshot. The second is in leagues that were found in league finder. Fictional blogger

6.1.1. Blog Posts, social media tools like email and instagram linked to real accounts

7. Tech Talk Powerpoint

7.1. Tech Talk Powerpoint goes in here

7.1.1. Embedded Tech Talk PDF

8. Professional Resources

8.1. Put professional resources assignment here

8.1.1. No tools, just text box

9. Stategic Map

9.1. Place stategic map here

9.1.1. Embedded Strategic Map

10. References

10.1. Place where all references will be cited

10.1.1. No tools, just text box

11. Digital Photo Editing

11.1. Show two images. One is original and the other is the digitally edited one.

11.1.1. Inserted two images of a basketball hoop

12. Google Drive

12.1. Place Google form and google folder link in here

12.1.1. Button that takes you to my google folder and embedded the google form I made

13. Infographic

13.1. Add infographic here

13.1.1. Embedded Infographic

14. Screencasting and Screeshot

14.1. Place the screencast here and screenshots

14.1.1. Embedded a video and 2 images

15. Survey

15.1. Survey and link to pdf of survey go here

15.1.1. Embedded survey

16. Digital Storytelling

16.1. My digital stoty telling mindmesiter map goes here and my actual digital story video

16.1.1. Embed digital story video and embed mindmeister map

17. Coverletter and Resume

17.1. Put cover letter and resume in here

17.1.1. Use Scribd document twice

18. Action Research Report

18.1. Introduction of ARR and way to get to my google site here

18.1.1. Button is used here. It is linked to my google site

19. Social Media

19.1. Put social media icons here and a link to blog page

19.1.1. Button to blog page and social media icons linked to accounts